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The True Story Behind “Capturing the Killer Nurse” on Netflix | TV & Radio | Show Business & TV

Netflix has produced a number of successful documentaries in recent years, from Tiger King and Night Stalker to Conversations with a Killer: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story. Out in September, The Good Nurse, starring Eddie Redmayne and Jessica Chastain, tells the true, twisted story of a nurse’s murderous secret. The streaming service has since released a follow-up documentary detailing the true story of the killer who would become known as Charles Cullen in Capturing the Killer Nurse.

WARNING: This article contains spoilers from Capture the Killer Nurse.

Former nurse Charles Cullen’s official murder count is 29 patients, although he confessed to 40 deaths.

But working in the profession over a 15-year period at various medical centers in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, he could have killed as many as 400 people.

The trailer for the docu-series explains that he was able to operate undetected because there were no witnesses and no hard evidence of his crimes.

The truth only emerged after his colleague Amy Loughren caught his eye in the murder of one of his patients and was subsequently arrested in 2003.

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Three years later, Cullen was sentenced to 11 consecutive life terms, meaning he would not be eligible for parole until 2388.

Capture the Killer Nurse will include interviews with officers working on the case, as well as footage of Cullen during police interviews and talking to victims’ families.

His first murders took place in the wards of Saint Barnabas, where he administered a lethal drug through an IV drip to one patient and a lethal dose of insulin to another.

When police began questioning contaminated IV bags, Cullen left and took a job at Warren Hospital in Phillipsburg.

After his release, Cullen transferred to various hospitals, including Morristown Memorial Hospital, the Liberty Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in Allentown, and Hunterdon Medical Center in Flemington.

Cullen continued to kill patients with lethal doses of digoxin and sometimes insulin.

Problems with him had been raised, but there was no cross-referenced database of medical staff moving between hospitals.

They were also reluctant to engage in costly lawsuits, so grievances were mostly swept under the rug.

Upon finding out that Cullen was a serial killer, Loughren explained, “I was blind to the monster in front of me.

“Nobody makes a leap from questioning a medical decision to ‘Maybe he’s trying to harm the patient.’ I said, ‘He must have a reason for treating this patient like this.’

“When I realized he murdered her, my fault was off the charts.”

Capture the Killer Nurse is available to watch on Netflix.

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