The top three battles to watch out for in Jeddah

Verstappen will shockingly start from 14th on the grid following a driveshaft failure.

The stage is set for the second race of the 2023 Formula One season as drivers roll up their sleeves to take on the tricky and fast tracks of the Jeddah Corniche Circuit. The 6.175km circuit consists of 27 corners and is widely regarded as a circuit that showcases the spectacular speed of Formula 1 to the maximum. But this high-speed track is often what spices things up and makes the Saudi Arabian GP so special, as the tight tracks with their intricate corners offer plenty of opportunities for error.

Defending champion Max Verstappen won the last edition of the Saudi Arabian GP. He also started the 2023 F1 season with a bang after a dominant win in Bahrain. Unfortunately, things didn’t go according to plan for the Dutchman in Jeddah, as Verstappen suffered a severe blow in qualifying on Saturday before the start of the race. He was relegated in Q2, meaning he will have to start from 15th on the grid on Sunday.

While agony reigned on one side of Red Bull, fortunes were wildly conflicted on the other as Verstappen’s teammate Sergio Perez managed to claim pole position for the 2023 Saudi Arabian GP after an incredible 1’28.265 lap. Charles Leclerc made it onto the front row, setting his best lap just 0.180s slower than Perez’s.

Mercedes duo George Russell starts fourth and Hamilton seventh in another disappointing performance from the British legend in qualifying, while Aston Martin’s Fernando Alonso starts third, making it even clearer that the veteran will need to be watched this season .

But all these practice and qualifying sessions have only led us to the big showdown that will take place on the 19th and we can be very assured of the fascinating and exciting race that Jeddah has always brought us. Among all the possible battles that can take place on Sunday, these are the most delicious and will surely captivate the entire community.

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3. Lewis Hamilton vs Max Verstappen

If the issues with Verstappen’s car are properly dealt with, we can certainly expect the Dutchman to make up a few spots on the table and pass the cars in the middle half of the grid, and if Verstappen has made up a few spots he will considering coming up against his archrival from two seasons ago Lewis Hamilton.

These two drivers share a long history that isn’t very friendly, and there’s always drama when they go head-to-head on the track.

Lewis Hamilton’s high-end experience will also be put to the test on Sunday as he could face his greatest opponent and reigning world champion Max Verstappen in a battle that will surely be the spiciest ingredient in tomorrow’s tasty race.

2. Fernando Alonso vs. George Russell

The second grid position at the track tomorrow will also be one to focus on as two bright and promising riders go head to head and battle it out for position. It’s a battle between the teasing and treacherous potential of a youngster meeting the elite experience of one of the greatest in a match that’s sure to be tasty.

After a disappointing first race of the season, George did very well in qualifying as he waved past the fast tracks of Jeddah to finish fourth. The Brit would be aiming for a podium tomorrow but if anything is stopping him from achieving that feat tomorrow it’s Fernando Alonso.

The Spaniard is off to a fantastic start to the new season, topping his incredible podium finish in Bahrain with another dazzling drive this Saturday to take third place on the grid.

Both Alonso and Russell will put up an incredible fight for a podium finish and it will be really exciting to see who emerges victorious between the two drivers.

1. Sergio Perez vs. Charles Leclerc

Verstappen’s unfortunate mishaps in qualifying have opened the window for other drivers to attempt their first win of the season, and Sergio Perez and Charles Leclerc are at the top of that list.

Checo made a great showing in Bahrain two weeks ago when he finished second behind his Red Bull teammate Verstappen. But with Max withdrawn from the top half of the race this time, Perez has the perfect opportunity to claim a win and add 25 valuable points to the World Championship standings.

With the same equipment and the fastest car on the grid, Perez has a duty to shine on Sunday and rise from the shadow of his Red Bull teammate. But if there’s one driver who can ruin Perez’s party on Sunday, it’s probably Charles Leclerc.

Charles was unlucky in Bahrain as he had to retire early due to some problems with his vehicle. But with a great qualifying on Saturday and a start from the front of the grid, Leclerc has a great opportunity to turn his fortunes and complete a master class in Saudi Arabia.

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