Manuel Garcia-Rulfo, The Lincoln Attorney

Manuel Garcia-Rulfo, The Lincoln Attorney

Lara Solanki/Netflix

Today’s top 10 most popular series and movies on Netflix have just one new addition: Katt Williams’ new comedy special World War III at number 4. The rest of the list is the same as in the past few days. Drama series by David E. Kelley The Lincoln Attorney #1 is Rebel Wilson’s new film senior year comes in at #2, and the final season of ozark comes in at number 3. Further down the list is the thriller “Lucy Hale”. borego depends on #7, season 5 of stranger sits at No. 9, and The circlewhich has just released new episodes is at number 10.

But from the Netflix top 10, which series and movies are really worth watching? We break down the entire Netflix top 10 list, walking you through what to consume and what to skip. We do the same for Netflix top 10 TV shows as well as Netflix top 10 movies. We also have recommendations for the best movies on Netflix and the best TV shows on Netflix to watch right now.

Based on Netflix’s top 10 for Wednesday, May 18

For fans of: Network dramas to stream | It is good?: It’s Peak Dad TV

Netflix doesn’t do a lot of network-style drama, so this legal drama from prolific writer-producer David E. Kelley stands out. Long before he became Big little lies Guy Kelley used to dominate the lawyers on TV LA law, The exercise, Ally McBealand Boston Legal, among other. This is his return to the genre. The Lincoln Attorney is based on a best-selling novel series by Michael Connelly, who also owns Det. Harry Bosch, and follows Mickey Haller (Manuel Garcia-Rulfo), a Los Angeles defense attorney who doesn’t like defending the guilty. He was previously played by Matthew McConaughey in the popular 2011 film of the same name. (Yesterday’s rank: 1)

For fans of: Adults in high school, comas | It is good?: Nope

Rebel Wilson is back! did you miss her Well, anyway, here’s a movie where she plays a cheerleader who falls into a 20-year coma and wakes up as a 37-year-old woman, ready to graduate from high school. You’d think they’d have it done online or something, but then we wouldn’t have this film, would we? It’s a pretty big stinker, but Sam Richardson is in it, and I love seeing him in stuff. (Yesterday’s rank: 2)

For fans of: The color blue, money laundering | It is good?: It’s the perfect show for people who love this kind of show

Jason Bateman plays a normal-looking guy who moves to the Ozarks with his family after delving too deeply into a money laundering scheme and a drug cartel. It’s Netflix’s blue-tinted response breaking Bad, and the second half of the final season is here. Are the Byrdes finally getting their wings clipped? (Yesterday’s rank: 3)

4. Kat Williams: Third World War

For fans of: Katt Williams when famous people talk about COVID | It is good?: If you’re a fan of Williams’ whole thing, you’ll love it

Katt Williams taped this special in Las Vegas last year during a particularly insane COVID outbreak, which is only worth noting because he talks so much about the pandemic and vaccines here. He also shares his thoughts on Joe Biden, America’s history with drugs, and Taco Bell. (Yesterday’s rank: n/a)

For fans of: The inner workings of the exorbitantly rich, expensive clothes | It is good?: It is a must-read for any reality TV fan

This reality show, now in its second season, is billed as real life Crazy rich Asians, which isn’t a far-fetched description, except that it doesn’t take center stage with a heartwarming love story. The cast is indeed crazy, rich, and Asian-American, making this a Bravo-style show full of excess and drama. (Yesterday’s rank: 4)

For fans of: 23and I, wicked doctors | It is good?: It’s so disturbing

Netflix produces true crime documentaries faster than you can even say “true crime,” though Our father is particularly chilled, in a Rosemary’s baby sort of. It all starts with a woman taking a DNA test, which tells her that she has dozens of half-siblings and that they are all actually the children of a fertility doctor who has spent years secretly treating patients with his own to impregnate sperm. Gross and terrifying. (Yesterday’s rank: 5)

For fans of: When normal people get involved with the cartel, but not with one breaking Bad path | It is good?: Nope

Lucy Hale plays a botanist fighting for her life when she is kidnapped by a drug cartel member and forced to help him on a dangerous journey to his dispensary. (Yesterday’s rank: 7)

For fans of: Cult sitcoms that give moms their due | It is good?: It is fun!

Similar to Schott’s Creek, Working Moms is a Canadian sitcom that really found its audience when it premiered on Netflix. Catherine Reitman’s comedy about four working moms just trying to get through the day is now entering its sixth season, and the show explores everything from life after maternity leave to equal pay in the office and how to deal with troubled teenagers. (Yesterday’s rank: 6)

For fans of: Time travel, sex, history | It is good?: Naturally

Depending on who you ask stranger is either the hottest show on TV or a historical drama with a touch of sci-fi. Or maybe it’s both! In Season 5, Claire (Caitriona Balfe) and Jamie (Sam Heughan) try to start a life in North Carolina as they and their family prepare for the Revolutionary War. (Yesterday’s rank: 9)

For fans of: People stuck in one place with no way of getting out, but in a fun way | It is good?: It’s not as good as in Season 1

It kind of seems The circle just premiered its third season, but in any case it’s already back for a fourth. Netflix’s competition series follows contestants who are confined to their own rooms in an apartment complex and can only communicate with each other via social media. There’s tons of catfishing, tons of poorly kept secrets, and tons of cheesy hashtags. Also this season, Baby Spice and Scary Spice compete under their own catfish profile. Sure, why not? New episodes are released weekly. (Yesterday’s rank: 8)

The best TV shows on Netflix in 2022

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