Stranger Things season 4 is going to be enormous with so many characters and storylines leading up to two feature length episodes, one over two hours.

In the penultimate stranger things In Season 4, a massive story effort resulted in two episodes in particular becoming incredibly long. The hugely successful Netflix show reaches its endgame as it returns to the platform after three years. stranger things Season 4 follows the main residents of Hawkins, Indiana (current and former) as they face a new threat from the Upside Down. After the battle in Starcourt Mall, the heroes split into different locations and also have to deal with high school, Russian prisons and other mysteries.

With much of the central action away from Hawkins in the upcoming episodes and the series’ epic story coming to a close in Season 5, stranger things Season 4 will attempt to tie numerous threads together in anticipation of the grand finale. The locations, revelations, and additional cast members make Season 4 the biggest yet, meaning the Duffer Brothers had to clutter up episodes to accommodate all of the critical elements. As a matter of fact, stranger things Season 4 is almost twice as long as any other season, with two episodes consuming much more runtime than others.


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colliders spoke to the Duffer Brothers about their production process and confirmed the length of episodes seven and nine of season four. That stranger things Creators say the entries refer to “full blown movies‘ and had to request an extra episode from Netflix due to the sheer volume of content they had planned. In a separate interview with The wrap, clarify that they are still refining episode 9, but that it is over two hours long. Read what they had to say below:

Specifically, seven and nine are movies and nine is one long movie. We’re still refining it, but we’ll say it takes over two hours. It’s a big one.

Stranger Things season 4 cast

So do the Duffers stranger things Season 4 has “quadruple the plot‘ and doubling the scale and scope of Season 3, which helps quantify how much more massive the production is. Also, Netflix is ​​episodic stranger things A budget of $30 million seems more reasonable knowing Season 4 will be packed with content. The studio’s leniency in general is telling, with their easily acceptable stance on an extra episode and two feature-length contributions showing their commitment to their flagship.

The news overall bodes well for original content that can be difficult to launch in the first place. stranger things The success proves that the right product can become a pop culture phenomenon and that companies can be accommodating when trying to deliver more of what fans want. On the downside, such lengthy episodes can be off-putting to some viewers, many of whom already have little time to devote to entertainment in their day. There’s also the question of which resources go where, as Netflix continues to lay off employees and cancel shows without hesitation. But with stranger things Because of Season 4’s split release schedule, audiences don’t have to commit to devouring the massive runtime all at once and can catch their breath before seeing Eleven and the rest of the gang in the season stranger things “Cinema” in July.

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Source: Collider, The Wrap

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