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The scientist’s research notes locations and how to find them

Fourteen days is a Battle Royale Game characterized by having unique quests each season. The ongoing fourth season of Fortnite has given players a task to find the scientist’s stolen research notes. The scientist is one of the most important NPCs in the game, having been a part of the game from the beginning.

Scientist’s Research Notes in Fortnite

One of the most prominent members of the Seven Forces, the The scientist has notes that are very useful in helping Jones and AMIE. These notes can help them figure out what’s going on on the island. Like all other items on the island, the scientist’s notes are not scattered everywhere. They can be found in a specific location and players can easily spot them once the notes are located.

Scientist’s research notes locations in Fortnite

First and foremost, players need to go to the islands on the eastern edge of the map. In order to get their hands on the scientist’s notes, players must go to the island that is north of these islands and due east of them Shining Lagoon.

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4 Scientist Research Notes Locations
Image via Epic Games

On the island you are going to is a modern looking mansion. To reach this island directly, use the battle bus. If you can’t get the exact location with the Battle Bus, you’ll have to swim or use a hot air balloon at the top of the Lustrous Lagoon to fly and land near the mansion.

After reaching the island, players may notice piles of dirt that are darker compared to the rest of the dirt and sand around the house. Go to these piles of dirt and search them with your harvesting tool. This pile of dirt Here you will find them Scientist’s Notes. Keep in mind that the notes may not be found in a specific dirt pile. So if you can’t find the notes in one of the stacks, leave that one and keep looking in the others.

Fortnite scientists have stolen research notes
Image via Epic Games

Papers with a light shining out of them will appear on the ground when you find the papers and there will be an in-game option that says Collect notes. After the notes are collected, players will receive a message from AMIE informing them that the task is complete.

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