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The sat nav is back with a smart way to cut your gas bills

A new navigation device is coming onto the market that can do much more than just display the route to a destination. The DriveCam 76 from the team at Garmin has just been unveiled and is packed with features, including the ability to view real-time fuel costs in the environment where users are driving. This means drivers can see exactly which stations are offering the best deals at the pump and fill up for less. There’s even instant route guidance to the exact location, so there’s no excuse not to save.

In addition to this instant fuel comparison, the DriveCam 76 also includes a built-in dash cam that records every moment of a drive in full 1080p HD quality. Footage is filmed with a wide 140 degree field of view, with all captured video automatically stored in a secure online vault.

Everything recorded by the camera can be viewed on the built-in 7 inch screen or sent directly to a smartphone for viewing outside the vehicle. Other useful extras on the DriveCam 76 include live traffic reports, weather updates, and even Trip Advisor ratings for local hotels and restaurants. Owners can even make calls thanks to full compatibility with the latest iPhone and Android devices.

This is one of Garmin’s most premium sat navs and all of these features come at a cost as this device will set owners at a whopping £419.99. Ouch!

Alongside the launch of the DriveCam 76, Garmin is also releasing a new GPS navigator, the CamperCam 795, which the company says is specifically designed for camping enthusiasts.

This gadget includes improved navigation for larger vehicles with optimized routing for the size and weight of the RV or trailer. There are also enhanced alerts such as upcoming steep grades, sharp turns and speed changes.

Owners also get clever Birdseye satellite imagery for high-resolution overhead views of the campground or RV park to facilitate a smooth arrival.

The CamperCam 795 GPS is also on sale now, priced at £499.99.

“We’re excited about this series of all-in-one navigation devices that combine our best-in-class car and camper navigation features with a sharp, built-in dashcam, so you can be confident you have video evidence of any unexpected incidents,” said Dan Bartel, Garmin Vice President of Global Consumer Sales.

“Whether you’re commuting to work in the morning or hiking across the country with your family, these sat navs will make your time on the road safer.”

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