Theater Salina is the new name of Community Theater Salina.  This name change is one of several things the theater is doing as it embarks on a future of growth and expansion.

As people drive down Iron Avenue in Salina, they may notice a new sign and name at a well-known and popular downtown destination, the Salina Theater.

Earlier this year, the former Salina Community Theater changed its name after a few years of debate about what the theater means to people inside and outside the Salina community.

“We’re much more regional than ever,” said Michael Spicer, Managing Director of Theater Salina.

According to Spicer, about 40% of ticket sales for the various theatrical productions at Theater Salina come from people outside of Saline County.

“Last year when we got out of COVID, we sold tickets in 30 different states,” Spicer said.

This regional and national appeal to theatrical arts in Salina is a sign of the theater’s success and growth since the building’s expansion in 2011.

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