The report suggests viewers have already lost thousands following in the footsteps of their favorite streamers

The Twitch Gambling Meta has been a major bone of contention for many in the streaming community. With many popular streamers playing slots and other crypto gambling games on the platform, gambling on Twitch has gained prominence.

Once synonymous with gaming and streaming, Fortnite was the most watched slot category on Twitch last week. According to Twitch Tracker, Slots had an average viewership of 61,881 in the last month. This represents a notable increase compared to 55,504 average viewers for Fortnite and 55,601 for Valve’s DOTA 2.

Top 10 most popular categories over the past week according to Twitch Tracker (Image via TwitchTracker)
Top 10 most popular categories over the past week according to Twitch Tracker (Image via TwitchTracker)

As Twitch gambling streamers draw thousands of viewers to their often-sponsored streams, many have condemned the unfiltered access to gambling that the platform offers. Although most argue for the latter rather than the former.

A recent Bloomberg report detailing how some Twitch users were influenced to start gaming by their favorite streamers has been doing the rounds around the internet.

‘Part of what they did’: Twitch gambling streams prompted a man to gamble his life savings

Cecilia D’Anastasio, a reporter for Bloomberg who covers the gambling business, recently penned a major news article. In her report, she highlighted how Twitch viewers develop cryptocurrency gaming addiction after watching their favorite streamers “play” slots on live streams.

The piece sheds light on the Twitch gambling problem and tells the story of various viewers who succumbed to gambling addiction after watching it on live streams. The first story is about a Canadian hospital accountant who got into gambling after watching his favorite streamer Felix “xQc” play it on stream.

After watching the streamer play crypto slots on sponsored streams for gaming giant, he finally used xQc’s promotional link to try his luck. However, things got bad pretty soon as he had used up all of his life savings in a short period of time, forcing him to file for bankruptcy.

The impetus to play on the site undoubtedly came from watching Twitch streams, as he described his actions as:

“Gave me a reason to walk the stake like I’m a part of what they do.”

With major streamers like xQc and Tyler “TrainwrecksTV” suddenly adding slots to their channels, it has propelled them to the top of the Twitch gambling meta. Many young fans originally attracted to video games are exposed to gambling through these streams sponsored by the same website used by these developers.

The Bloomberg article also cites Vaibhav Kumar, who started gambling after acquiring Twitch but has since quit crypto gambling after watching sponsored streamers. He realized that streamers were paid to make up for losses on stream, but there’s nothing quite like it for the average player.

The report suggests that huge sponsorships from companies like Stake are working as intended, as many from Twitch have started using their services for online gambling. These sponsored streamers regularly bet gigantic amounts of money and attract a lot of attention. Here’s a clip from last month of xQc losing $170,000 in two minutes:

I just watched xQc lose $170,000 in 140 seconds of gambling and life really isn’t real anymore

Is Twitch Fighting Back?

The Twitch gambling scene is also inundated with streamers who exclusively stream slots and have a huge following. For example, creators like Ishmael “Roshtein” are dedicated gambling streamers who garner millions of views monthly. Many have urged Twitch to stop gaming on the platform, and that could be a glimmer of hope.

That being said, Twitch’s response to the gambling has been lukewarm at best. However, a big win for anti-gambling advocates came when the platform banned any kind of affiliate or promotional link schemes.

Aside from that, a Twitch spokesperson has told Bloomberg that Twitch Gambling may only be in its last few days as the company is currently analyzing its roots.

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