The popular Netflix show has been canceled after four seasons – leaving fans devastated

ANOTHER hugely popular show got the boot, leaving fans disappointed.

The show Titans has both been sensationally canceled and will be coming to an end after its fourth season.

Titans got the boot after four seasons.


Titans got the boot after four seasons.Credit: Rex/

It is produced by HBO Max in the US and airs internationally on Netflix.

The current season has been split into two parts but is now coming to an end after being kicked off the streaming service.

HBO Max confirmed the news along with announcing that it will also be canceling another DC Universe show, Doom Patrol.

Doom Patrol will also end after its current fourth season run.

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HBO Max confirmed the cancellations in a statement: “Although this will be the final seasons of Titans and Doom Patrol, we are very proud of these series and look forward to fans seeing their culmination.

“We are grateful to Berlanti Productions and Warner Bros. Television for producing such exciting, action-packed and heartfelt series.”

It will come as a huge blow to Netflix viewers, who will be sad to hear of yet another cancellation.

Although there is a possibility that Netflix will pick up the show as an international production for additional seasons, nothing has been confirmed.

HBO Max added in the statement, “For four seasons, fans have fallen in love with The Titans and Doom Patrol, invested in their trials and tribulations, and in their legendary battles as they continue to save the world.”

It’s the latest in a very long line of shows to be unceremoniously dumped from Netflix – with the streamer’s boss even having to reassure worried fans after the multiple deletions.

The Netflix CEO told Bloomberg, “We have never canceled a successful show. A lot of these shows were well intentioned but appealed to very small audiences with very big budgets.

“The key is that you need to be able to speak to a small audience on a small budget and to a large audience on a large budget. If you do this well, you can do this forever.”

Among the most recent shows to face the blow is Neil Patrick Harris’ romantic comedy Uncoupled, which was canceled after a single season.

Despite some ardent fans, viewership figures seem to show that the program made Netflix’s top 10 programs for just one week in July 2022, calling its true appeal into question.

Additionally, Snowpiercer was recently pulled from the service after airing three seasons.

The show was due to end in its fourth season, and the production had already wrapped up filming for the last time – so the fourth season never aired.

Two of Netflix’s biggest animated shows also got the nod when bosses pulled the plug on Dead End: Paranormal Park and Inside Job.

Dead End achieved its namesake after two seasons with Hamish Steele, the show’s creator, who admitted that Netflix had long ago decided to scrap the show, but he was hoping they would reverse that decision and head for another breakthrough would bring back.

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Fans also started a petition to keep Inside Job from ending as it’s quickly generating interest online.

One of Us Lies was also axed after one season — although that decision was made by Peacock executives in the US, as the show only aired internationally on Netflix.


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