Hold on to your seats! Because around the corner is another fiery documentary. Netflix was released on May 19, 2022 The Photographer: Murder in Pinamar. The one hour and forty-six minute documentary takes us through Argentina’s politically heated atmosphere and focuses on the death of Argentine photojournalist Jose Luis Cabezas.

The co-writing team includes the names Tatiana Merenuk and Gabriel Bobillo. While Alejandro Hartmann is also an executive producer, Vanessa Ragone and Mariela Besuievsky were part of the executive production team.

The plot

The series’ description page on Netflix reads in the synopsis: “Photographer José Luis Cabezas’ crime in the summer of 1997 rocks Argentina and reveals a mafia network in which political and economic forces do not appear to be independent of each other.

The consequences will be almost as dramatic as the crime itself, for both the instigator and the country.” The documentary once again seeks to reinforce the evil of governance and the Mafia’s involvement in the underbelly of society by pulling the strings the exploitation caused by money pulls.

freedom of the press

The death of Jose Luis Cabezas was a bolt of lightning for any layman living in Argentina. This was a direct attack on press freedom, and people took to the streets to protest again against this enforced violence.

It was a wake up call for everyone; various media groups and human rights activists called for justice for Cabezas. The murder took place during what can be described as the golden age of the press in Argentina.

The Photographer: Murder in Pinamar on Netflix: May 19 release, time and what is it about?

The conspiracy and secrecy

For a long time, it was believed in the initial investigations that the motives were purely political; where the police put sheets over them. However, a name soon emerged that shook the investigation in a different direction: “Alfredo Yabran”. No one had ever seen his face in public; no photos, no visual identification marker was present for him.

This connection led to new clues and rumors began to paint a whole new reality. Many people were arrested from the area known as Los Hornos in Buenos Aires province and the case went to trial in 2000 for the murder of Jose Luis Cabezas. They were sent to prison in February.

The teaser

“Taking a picture of me is like shooting yourself in the forehead”, almost terrifying; This line appears in the teaser published by Netflix. Yabran wanted to remain a ghost, but Cabezas was on his righteous mission.

The film is suitable for ages 16+, although children under 16 require parental supervision. Netflix describes it as provocative and investigative. Such uncovering of realities certainly requires a mature mind to deal with the complex reality in which we live.

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