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The Percy Jackson author describes the damage movies have done to his family

Rick Riordan, the creator of Percy Jackson and the OlympiansHe describes the damage the film adaptations have done to his family. Riordan’s first Percy Jackson The book was first adapted into a feature film titled in 2010 Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief. Despite the bad response, the sequel sea ​​of ​​monsters was released in 2013. Riordan had little involvement with the films other than briefly advising on the first film and refusing to participate in the production of the sequel.


In a post on Goodreads, Riordan describes the damage done by the Percy Jackson and the Olympians Movies had about his family. Answering a fan request on how Riordan’s sons Haley and Patrick are reacting to Disney+’s Percy Jackson TV adaptation, Riordan replied that they had little interest in it as his children recall how emotionally devastated Riordan and his wife were by the films. Riordan added that his sons don’t understand why he chose another Percy Jackson Adjustment. Read Riordan’s full comment below:

“My sons are not interested at all. They’ve been through all the pain and disappointment of the movies, so their main concern is with Becky and me. They don’t want this experience to overwhelm us emotionally. They don’t quite understand why we did this to ourselves because we absolutely didn’t have to, and they have no interest in the show. On the plus side, the process hasn’t overwhelmed us yet! The show is looking good, and we’ve learned a not how I’ve imagined spending my time over the past few years, but hopefully if viewers like the show, it’ll be worth it.

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How Disney’s Percy Jackson series differs from the movies

Ares' children in the Percy Jackson Disney+ teaser

More than a decade after the release of the Percy Jackson Movies, the movies are still notorious for being a poor adaptation of the original novel series. Riordan actively opposed it Percy Jackson Films and said the studios changed large parts of its story to make it more appealing to a teenage audience. Riordan described the films as “My life’s work goes through a meat grinder‘ and encouraged teachers and educators to stop pointing Percy Jackson films for their classes.

Given Riordan’s negative experience with the Percy Jackson Movies, his sons’ hesitation about his involvement in the Disney+ television adaptation is understandable. However, what clearly sets the films apart from the upcoming TV series is Riordan’s involvement. While he was rarely a consultant on the films, Riordan is executive producer on the series and has been heavily involved in the show’s production since its inception.

Although there is no firm release date yet, the Percy Jackson The television series is expected to arrive on Disney+ sometime in 2024. On his blog, Riordan has nothing but good things to say about the show, praising everything from the casting to the set design and script. With Riordan’s official seal of approval, there’s hope that the upcoming show can undo the damage Percy Jackson and the Olympians Movies did with the beloved fantasy franchise.

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Source: Rick Riordan/Goodreads


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