The Overwatch 2 skins dilemma

Overwatch 2 has been in for quite a bit of trouble since its rocky launch and inflated price for skins. With a solid number of heroes launched with the game, fans of the original Overwatch had noticed that old skins were selling for ridiculous amounts in the shop. With growing anger at developers charging more and more dollars for skins, this was not welcomed in the gaming community. A untold number of fans took to Twitter to discuss what had become of Blizzard and why they would charge thirty to forty dollars for skin bundles.

Overwatch was a game that featured the controversial loot boxes, a system that is outdated in video games due to its nature. Overwatch 2 transitioned to a modern battle pass system, along with a shop and different currency for Overwatch League skins. These three loopholes to fund the now free-to-play game had fans furious over the scheme. It wasn’t because of the three currencies or the inclusion of a Battle Pass, however, but because of the inclusion of the high price tag for a skin.

It all started with a Halloween bundle that players were looking forward to. A new support character, Kiriko, received a skin bundle in which she was dressed as a witch for the Halloween event. The skin was leaked on Twitter and completely engulfed the Overwatch community with the crowd of fans who wanted it. To her credit, it’s a really nice skin and probably one of the better ones Blizzard have released for their new addition. Trouble was, it cost a whopping twenty-six dollars for it. The company complemented the skin with a black cat weapon charm and a voice line that didn’t lure buyers.

With the anger behind Overwatch’s biggest fans, Blizzard seemed interested in fixing the issue at hand. For a couple of weeks they tried to lower the price point bit by bit to make the prices more manageable for their players. Quite a bit more recently, they’ve settled at around twenty bucks for legendary skin bundles (Mime Moira) or ten bucks for some epic skin bundles (Police Tracer). Those prices were broadly in line with games that offer similar cosmetic prices like Fortnite and Apex Legends.

With all the backlash over cosmetic prices, Blizzard isn’t off the hook just yet. Fixed issues with rare skins being unlocked and appearing in the Overwatch League store for forty dollars and event skins being removed entirely. Some skins that have appeared exclusively for Blizzard live events in the past will be added for more players to purchase. This has hit those who have the urge to keep things to themselves and have expressed anger at keeping these skins exclusive. Also, the biggest criticism I’ve seen is players wanting the old tradition of free cosmetics earned through gameplay. Blizzard seems keen on fixing this issue as well, stating that free skins would become available over time as long as players put in the time to unlock them.

Relatively new to the gaming community, Overwatch 2 does very well when it comes to engaging with consumers. They seem receptive to any complaints they receive and are happy to fix what should never have broken in the first place. With an enormous number of special events throughout the year, they need to keep an eye on their shop prices and unlockable events. That being said, at least the competition is banging and the gameplay is as smooth as ever. Still, I’m tired of being stuck as a prop and moving the payload on my own. If you haven’t played competitively yet because of the match rate, check out these premade Overwatch 2 accounts to help you out.


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