The next big feature of Minecraft 1.20 is personalized armor skins

what you need to know

  • Minecraft 1.20, the next major Minecraft content update, focuses on player expression and creativity.
  • On Tuesday, Mojang Studios announced another new feature coming with the update: armor skins.
  • Players can customize their favorite armor with one of 11 unique patterns and 10 different colors.
  • The feature is being tested in the new Minecraft: Java Edition Snapshot 23w04a, which is available to players now.

The next Minecraft content update is well underway, and Mojang Studios is hard at work on Minecraft 1.20. The forthcoming release will focus on player expression, representation and creativity, and the latest feature announced by the studio follows the theme perfectly. On Tuesday, Mojang Studios introduced Armor Skins, a new way for players to customize their in-game look.

As revealed on, armor adornments are a new personalization feature leading to the world’s best-selling survival game with the release of the Minecraft 1.20 update. Armor adornments are a way for players to customize their armor pieces and appear to support virtually every armor type in the game. Here’s a quick overview of what you need to know about armor trimmings:

  • Armor pieces come in 11 different designs and 10 different colors
  • Armor Adornments are applied to each armor piece individually, allowing you to mix and match to your heart’s content
  • You need to find Blacksmith Templates, a new ingredient required for Blacksmith upgrades to apply armor adornments
  • Unique armor adornments can be found in special locations, such as: B. a Piglin-inspired armor adornment in Nether Bastions
  • You can change the color of armor pieces by combining the forge template with gems and ingots like diamonds, copper, and netherite


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