The Netflix documentary warns that PornHub is “extremely good” at collecting user data

According to a new Netflix documentary, online adult entertainment website PornHub is more like a “data collection operation.”

The movie Money Shot: The PornHub Story premiered on the streaming service this week, and viewers have been warned that the site is more than just a fast-paced movie platform. And there will certainly be some people out there who will get goosebumps after watching the fascinating programme, reports the Daily Star.

The documentary explained that MindGeek, the company behind sites like PornHub, XTube, and RedTube, is very good at collecting personal information from users.

Journalist Martin Patriquin explained: “This is a company that does exactly what Netflix does, what Facebook does. It collects data about its users to better tailor content to those eyeballs.”

He added that the company is “extremely good” at what it does: “Better than Netflix, in fact.” That’s a lot of data for a website with more than 120 million daily users.

Digital analytics is used to see what paying subscribers expect from the site in order to show the best ads. Some sites even offer AI to predict top search trends.

Elsewhere in the program, various adult stars opened up the “attack” aimed at the XXX-rated film industry. Campaigns such as TraffickingHub, a conservative Christian right-wing group, have called for the site to be shut down entirely, claiming it has dabbled in sex trafficking.

But adult stars disagree, with Cherie DeVille explaining: “It’s a nightmare for us because if you present two unrelated things in a newspaper as closely related, everyone is going to believe what happens? Well, just what you think would happen.

“The public sees it and they’re outraged because it’s outrageous and it’s horrible and it’s something nobody wants, and then they say, ‘This is garbage and we have to clean it up.'”

Asa Akira added, “They neglect that sex work and sex trafficking are two completely different things.”

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