The Netflix documentary of The Pornhub Story?

Netflix documentation Money Shot: The Pornhub Story it’s about good, Pornhub. People are already expressing dismay that the film is less than 69 minutes long. Here’s what the hype is about.

The documentary takes viewers through the history of the brand and its success. It also focuses on the allegations the adult content platform is facing.

Directed by Suzanne Hillinger, the 94-minute documentary explores the ugly truths about Pornhub. According to Tudum, Netflix’s companion site, “The company has faced lawsuits from assault victims and activists who claim the site is engaged in child sex trafficking.”

The allegations emerged after an opinion piece was published The New York Times in 2020, which Tudum says “contained the stories of multiple women who were exploited as minors by posting their sexual assaults on Pornhub.”

More on the Netflix documentary on Pornhub

what does Money Shot: The Pornhub Story explore?

Image: Courtesy of Tudum via Netflix

Money Shot: The Pornhub Story takes a look inside the company, which was originally founded by three students. The students sold it to an internet entrepreneur in 2010, who over the years made the site what it has become.

In a report, Tudum says Hillinger “interviews industry experts and Pornhub employees about the company’s rise to fame and the controversies that led to a public outcry after the site’s closure.”

But as Tudum points out, “the company’s attempt to quell the backlash — and a censoring act by Congress that has since made companies more liable for their content — has hurt the livelihoods of some of Pornhub’s most prominent sex workers and porn performers.”

Who takes over the cast of Netflix Money Shot: The Pornhub Story contain?

The documentary features former Pornhub employees, journalists and activists speaking about the business and the allegations against the company.

It also features adult film actors like Asa Akira, Cherie DeVille, Natassia Dreams, Siri Dahl, and Wolf Hudson also commenting on the controversies.

What is his rating?

The Netflix documentary Money Shot: The Pornhub Story is rated TV-MA under the American television content rating system. MA stands for Adults Only. This is because it contains references to nudity, sexual violence, and language. Reviewers say there are no pornographic scenes.

Who are the people behind Pornhub?

The company that owns Pornhub is now known as MindGeek. It is based in Luxembourg and has its headquarters in Canada. The company owns many other big adult content brands, but Pornhub is perhaps the most notorious name on the dark side of entertainment in the West.

Pornhub was permanently disabled on Instagram and YouTube in 2022. Both Visa and Mastercard cut payment processing for TrafficJunky, MindGeek’s advertising arm.

Check out the documentation here.


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