The Nancy Meyers and Netflix fiasco still pisses me off

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This week:

  • My week of wild movies in Texas.
  • The heartbreaking news from Nancy Meyers.
  • The movie that got everyone hot and worried.
  • A league of its own finally renewed.
  • The perfect quote from Ben Affleck.

Give Nancy Meyers what she wants!

It’s rare, and maybe even a little silly, to fret over not seeing a movie that never existed. But I harbor an intense, unhealthy anger about this Nancy Meyers/Netflix news – particularly what it reflects on the state of the industry and what Hollywood execs find worthwhile entertainment.

News broke this week that Netflix has canceled the new rom-com from the queen of the genre, Meyers, whose library of works spans The holiday, something must give, And It’s complicated; In other words, she’s directed a string of films that make up roughly 70 percent of the total running time of films that Kevin Fallon watches over and over again. No Sunday activity is more rewarding or healing than spending the afternoon on the couch watching Meryl Streep and Steve Martin fall in love It’s complicated. (Sorry, uh… Church and God.)

Apparently, Meyers wanted a $150 million budget for the tentatively titled film Paris outstanding. It was meant to follow two filmmakers who used to be in love and reunite on a set; Stars included Scarlett Johansson, Penélope Cruz, Owen Wilson and Michael Fassbender. Strangely, while I’d argue that no amount of money is too much money for a Nancy Meyers film, Netflix was the opposite. All hope is not lost, however, as Deadline reports that Warner Bros. is circling the film now that Netflix is ​​no longer involved — though it’s unclear if the cast or price tag will remain intact.

Some might say that $150 million is a ridiculous amount of money to ask for a romantic comedy. These people are rude and have terrible opinions. I can’t think of a better use of money than driving a dump truck full of cash to Meyer’s house and saying to her, “Go wild!” Imagine the stunning kitchen sets we would get. Just thinking about the stunning open concept living space gives me goosebumps. I was just thinking of Penélope Cruz wearing the most expensive cream cashmere sweater in the world and I shed a single tear. We need this movie. lives are changed. Hearts will be full. We would finally have world peace.

The truth is that as an adult in New York City I’ve never lived in an area larger than 700 square feet, and even these tiny, barely livable apartments are hard to afford. So if you told me it took Meyers $150 million just to have something like a dining room in the apartment where the characters live, I’d believe you. I have no idea what normal things should cost anymore. New York broke me.

But beyond that, studios and streamers have been escalating movie budgets like they’re using Monopoly funds. Netflix spent $200 million on it The gray man, a Ryan Gosling action film that I forgot existed. It’s not outrageous to point out the glaring difference between this film and this one Paris outstanding: the supposed demographic that their genres appeal to. Romantic comedies, and the mostly female audiences who love them, aren’t taken seriously by the industry, although I foresee most film fans — of any kind — would move mountains if they saw Meyers in her element, with an ungodly crowd Money.

I’m so annoyed that ironically the only thing that will calm me down at this point is to watch a Nancy Meyers film for comfort. Makes you think!

People have never been so horny for a movie

earlier this week, a tweet went out with an update on Andrew Haigh’s new film, strangerswho directs the achingly beautiful gay love drama weekend Directed by heartthrobs/ruling internet friends Andrew Scott and Paul Mescal.

@FilmUpdates’ tweet included photos of Scott and Mescal brooding in front of a camera while wearing white tank tops. People were beside themselves. I’ve never seen the internet hotter for a movie. Just look at how thirsty these quote tweets are. Is it possible to throw Twitter in the cold shower altogether?

Paul Mescal could burn my house down and run me over with an 18 wheeler and I’d thank him.” “I will be there in my silken robe with candles lit.” “I’m a screenwriter. dot me” “people died (me).” “Babe wakes up new white men kissing cinematic way just fell.” “”Horny people won today.” “I apologize in advance for the person I will become after watching this film.” “i’m not strong enough” “This is way too much for me and my sanity.

There are so many more. Those are just the ones I could share without blushing.

One of the best shows is finally coming back

months after A league of its own Premiered on Amazon’s Prime Video, there’s finally a season two renewal – but only for the final four episodes. They gave us morsels, but we’re going to make a goddamn feast of them.

Why is this so frustrating? First because the show is so good. Co-creators Abbi Jacobson and Will Graham found a way to pay homage to Penny Marshall’s perfect film while expanding its universe to tell nuanced stories about queer and black women, whose experiences are often left aside in stories like this one. And that leads to the second reason to be angry: Once again, a TV series that does a beautiful job depicting the lives of marginalized people, particularly within the LGBT+ community, is being insulted.

There’s a way of seeing the glass half full. For a while it looked like the show wouldn’t be renewed; at least we get more, even if it’s only four episodes. But I’m also tired of settling for small wins like this.

Ben Affleck’s most brilliant observation

This whole interview with Ben Affleck in The Hollywood Reporter is fantastic. But it’s the way he describes people who play golf that I’ll remember until the day I die: “I see golf like meth. They have better teeth, but it doesn’t seem like people ever will.” get out of it. Once they start golfing, you just never see them again.”

What to watch this week:

swarm: People will hum. Got it?! (Now on Prime Video)

Lucky Hank: Bob Odenkirk on our TVs is always a good thing. (Sun. on AMC)

The ultimate girls’ strip from Real Housewives: I will enjoy every last second of this new season. (Thursday on Peacock)

What to skip this week:

Boston strangler: A fascinating story about journalism; a not so fascinating film. (Now on Hulu)

Shazam! wrath of the gods: Another failure from the DC cinema universe. (Now in cinemas)


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