It was way back in the innocent days of 2017 when 20th Century Fox first announced a film adaptation of the popular animated sitcom Bob’s burger was in development. Originally planned for 2020, the Film saw several delays which delayed its release by two years. Now, however, it’s time to rejoice, Belcher fans, because the film is finally here. The Bob’s Burger Movie – a musical comedy – is set to hit theaters on May 27 and early reactions to early screenings are here. What’s the social media reaction to the long-awaited film?

H. Jon Benjamin voices the titular Bob, just as he does in the ongoing Fox animated series, and the rest of the Belcher family actors joined the film — John Roberts, Kristen Schaal, Eugene Mirman, and Dan Mintz — and there’s a lot of that Actors we hope will perform. The trailer shows Bob at his craziest form, as the owners of the burger joint try to save the family business when a hole forms in front of it, blocking the entrance. Let’s see if the first reactions inspire us to bring our rolls to the cinemas.

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