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The most legendary female villains from Nintendo games

Throughout its history, Nintendo has championed women’s representation, particularly in its core businesses. From Samus Aran’s unforgettable gender reveal Metroidto decide which to name zelda Series after its princess rather than the actual playable character, Nintendo, to its credit, has never overlooked the importance of its female fan base.

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Some girls don’t just want to have fun, though, and while the Nintendo universe is filled with paragons of virtue and morality like Princess Peach, as well as cooler, more mysterious role models like Bayonetta, there are some iconic women who have chosen to use their talents for evil instead ( or at least moderate irritation).


10/10 dr Coyle-ARMS

The youngest entry on the list, Dr. Coyle, is the final boss of Nintendo’s 2017 release: WEAPONS. dr Coyle is the director of ARMS Laboratories, responsible for the creation of the game’s main antagonists, Hedlok and Springtron, and has been experimenting on herself in classic sci-fi fashion (check out Dr. Octopus here) in the name of technological advancement .

dr Coyle was later added as a playable character, giving players the ability to use her third arm and invisibility abilities in combat.

9/10 Shadow Queen – Paper Mario

Until the end Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door, it becomes clear that Sir Grodus is just a distraction from the real villain: the Shadow Queen. Having been trapped behind a door for a millennium, the extent of her anger upon her release may not come as much of a surprise, and as a result she is often regarded as one of the most powerful adversaries of all Mario Series.

Perhaps the Shadow Queen’s most enduring image is not that of her purest form, but her spirit controlling Princess Peach’s body and turning Mario’s eyeball into a formidable foe.

8/10 Medusa – Child Icarus

Based on the Greek goddess of the same name, the queen of the underworld, Medusa, is the main antagonist in child Icarus and its sequels. Her story is practically the oldest story told over and over again by cultures: A fallen angel is banished to the underworld and promises revenge.

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The extremely limited number of publications in the child Icarus series stifled Medusa’s potential as a video game industry icon, but her influence as one of the very first female villains cannot be overlooked.

7/10 Twinrova-Zelda

The Queen of the Deku Tree, Gohma, must be given an honorable mention by offering the title two for the price of one ocarina of time The most memorable female villain goes to Twinrova, the combination of 400-year-old Gerudo twin witches Kotake and Koume.

After fighting Link together with their respective Fire and Ice powers, the twins merge into Twinrova, utilizing both elements in a dual dynamite attack. After their defeat, the sisters would both reappear Majora’s maskthis time he helps Link in his adventure.

6/10 Jessie- Pokemon

One half of the main antagonistic duo in the Pokemon Anime series (or a third if you count Meowth) that didn’t actually feature Jessie from Team Rocket Pokemon Red & Blue and was first conceived by the anime’s original head writer Takeshi Shudo.

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Of course, due to the huge success of the TV series and its impact on the Pokemon Franchise and canon as a whole, Jessie (along with partner in crime James) soon emerged Pokemon yellowfights the player multiple times and holds poor old Mr. Fuji hostage in the Pokémon Tower.

5/10 Dark Samus – Metroid

By the turn of the century, Nintendo seemed to realize what many sci-fi writers, and even psychologists, had done before them: sometimes the toughest fight you can really face is against yourself. Or (because that’s pretty hard to portray in a video game ) with her evil double. After the success (based on the anger created) of ocarina of time Dark Link and Mario Sunshines Shadow Mario, the Metroid Franchise joined the party with Dark Samus.

Appears for the first time at the end of the secret cutscene of Metroid Prime A reincarnation of the Prime being himself, Dark Samus became the main antagonist in the next two entries of the trilogy. She has the same moves as you, but faster and stronger! Who would have thought?

4/10 Captain Syrup – Wario

Although he’s physically the anti-Mario, it’s fair to say that the primary object of Wario’s absolute loathing isn’t an Italian plumber, but a pushy pirate, and a female one at that. Captain Syrup is the main antagonist of the whole Wario country Series, although it could be better described as an anti-villain due to Wario’s questionable morals.

Perhaps inspired by the revelation of Samus Aran’s gender in Metroidthe American instruction manual for the first time Wario country referred to Captain Syrup using only gender-neutral pronouns to protect the element of surprise.

3/10 Gruntilda – Banjo-Kazooie

While it’s not always considered a Nintendo game (probably due to its appearance on the Xbox Live Arcade), it’s the original Banjo Kazooie was released by Nintendo exclusively for N64. Therefore, the request of the game’s main villain, Gruntilda Winkybunion, to be included in the list should be considered.

Grunty’s ultimate goal, like many witches before her, is to become beautiful by any means necessary. Though this endeavor might ultimately fail, Gruntilda manages to change her form throughout the series, later appearing as a mecha ghost, a skeleton, and a robot with a head in a jar.

2/10 Birdo-Mario

Birdo is one of the more interesting characters in the Mario Universe, because it wasn’t designed for you Mario game at all. As many will already know, after the original Super Mario Bros. The sequel was shelved because it was deemed too difficult, the Japanese-only title Yume Kojo: Doki Doki Panic was sufficiently Mariofied and approved overseas Super Mario Bros. 2.

The recurring egg-spitting mini-boss who became known as Birdo survived the name change and would go golfing, karting, and partying with the rest of the Mario gang for decades to come. In recent years, Birdo (or, if she prefers, Birdetta) has become something of a hero for the LGBTQ+ community and is often credited as gaming’s first transgender character.

1/10 Cerebrum – Metroid

The space pirates’ de facto commander, Mother Brain, is the original Metroid Antagonist who provides the final boss fight in both the original Metroid title (and its remake zero mission) and Super Metroid. According to series co-creator Yoshio Sakamoto, Mother Brain was an archetypal example of an AI system gone bad, originally created by the Chozo but later gaining sentience and going berserk.

While in the original MetroidMother Brain’s form is limited to a literal brain in a glass tank, in Super Metroid Mother Brain also possesses a face and a huge humanoid body that allows her to walk and shoot energy-draining attacks from her eyes and mouth.


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