Would you like to wage medieval wars in a different format? You’ll soon get your chance with me Wartalesa tactical open-world role-playing game fully available on April 12th on Steam.

“The Great Plague tore apart the populace, only to fester for centuries in the souls of those who remain. Players must fight for food and money to support an ever-growing crew, scour abandoned villages, abandoned mines and more to uncover the scarred and complicated history of a battle-ravaged world.”

And that’s just that Beginning the rest of the news! Read on for a roundup of other smaller MMO news and videos from the past week in this installment of The MOP Up (and if you don’t see a news story we should have covered, tip us)!

PUBG battlegrounds Plans laid out for the remainder of 2023, including committing to Normal Chill mode, improving ranked mode, a new map called Neon, and an arcade overhaul.

The preparations for this are in progress The Dark Age of Camelot Spring Festival, which includes a repeatable quest from now through April 6th.

Electronics Extreme published Grenado Espada M in Thailand, while Megaxus Infotech takes care of Indonesia.

Realm of the mad god is looking for remote artists to help him with a huge rework update.

Infinite Lagrangians launched an experimental test server: “On this server, explorers can experience new game content in advance and provide suggestions and feedback on improvements to the official team to work together to build a brighter and more diverse future for our galaxy.”

grab a little one Rider of Icarus Patch, why not! Or a tiny gathering of fearless Troubleshooting!

A rust Fan meeting was canceled due to death threats. Nice.

War Thunders The last update changed how rockets affect aircraft: “In order to make the flight characteristics of all rockets more authentic, their induced drag has been significantly increased. This leads to an increasing drop in energy when maneuvering and when flying slowly.”

Second Life will end support for LSL’s long-deprecated XML-RPC methods later this year,” said Linden Labs.

Apex Legends established a new studio branch in Madison, Wisconsin – the fourth of its kind.

Wealthy Universe takes a creative marketing approach: “We’re going to run some promotions for an app called LootBoy where interested players can get to know the game and it won’t cost us anything.”

SMITEs The Season of Hope begins this week:

Decembera hack-and-slash RPG, is releasing a new patch called Ganida on April 27th, along with a new seasonal mode:

The MMO industry is pumping out more and more new stuff every year – no website could possibly cover everything. That’s why every week we collect all the goodies in The MOP Up, our weekly roundup of MMO information that we don’t want lost over time. Send us your news about our tips line!



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