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The medium-quality game, The Medium, becomes a potentially medium-sized TV show

In an unexpected announcement, Bloober Team has announced in a blog post that they will be collaborating with Platige Image to prepare, develop and co-produce a TV adaptation of the horror game The Medium.

Watch the reveal trailer for The Medium (the game) here.

More precisely, the works will be carried out under the creative direction of Tomasz Bagiñaski and Piotr Babieno. Babieno is the creator of The Medium and author of the game Blair Witch. for Cyberpunk 2077.

Speaking of the partnership and unveiling of the TV adaptation, Piotr Babieno said: “Both the film industry and the video game industry are very close to my heart, and I’m thrilled that there is finally an opportunity to bring the two together. My joy is even greater because two Polish companies are involved in the production and a series will be created based on our game.”

Babieno continues: “The story we told in the game was appreciated by the players and now more people will be able to experience it. The latest hits from streaming platforms based on games like Cyberpunk: Edgerunners or Arcane have shown that this is the perfect time for such productions.”

The Medium is a psychological horror game released by Bloober Team in early 2021. In post-communist Poland, Marianna is a medium who helps tormented, lost souls find peace again. However, one day Marianna receives a strange phone call telling her to go to the Niwa Worker’s Resort. an abandoned holiday resort that was closed by the government when the Niwa massacre took place.

As you step into Marianna’s shoes, it’s up to you to unravel and unravel the various mysteries and mysteries that The Medium hides.

True to its name, The Medium received mixed or average reactions upon release. In our 3/5 review of the game, Editor-in-Chief Tom Orry says, “This is an indie game that takes the biggest stage and puts on quite a show for the most part.” We hope the TV adaptation lives up to The Medium’s story becomes.

The Medium isn’t the only playset getting a TV adaptation. The Last of Us is also currently being adapted by HBO, and judging by the latest trailer for the show, it seems promising!

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