Daredevil is coming to Disney+. Marvel Studios must be careful to maintain the Netflix show’s tone and avoid Hawkeye’s Wilson-Fisk issue.

daredevil is coming back thanks to Disney+, but Marvel Studios needs to preserve what made the Netflix series great and avoid the pitfalls it encountered with Wilson Fisk hawk eye. After a squeak-worthy cameo Spider-Man: No Way HomeCharlie Cox returns as Matt Murdock, the blind lawyer and superhero Daredevil. However, some viewers are nervous about Netflix’s somber atmosphere daredevil will be lost as Disney tones down the series to make it more suitable for a PG-13 audience. The studio must avoid this in order to maintain the show’s strong legacy.

With the rights to characters like Daredevil, the Punisher and Jessica Jones returning to Marvel Studios, Netflix is ​​no longer able to produce its acclaimed Marvel series, including Luke cage, iron fistand the defenders. Marvel is now free to weave these characters back into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, beginning with the hero that started it all: Daredevil. The new show will reportedly be a sequel of sorts to the Netflix show starring Charlie Cox as Matt Murdock, although it’s unclear whether Deborah Ann Woll and Elden Henson will return as Karen Page and Foggy Nelson.


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Whether Disney + soft restarts daredevil or move straight on to season 4, it needs to maintain what made the Netflix series so successful and learn from its kingpin mistake hawk eye. Bringing back Vincent D’Onofrio as Wilson Fisk is a great idea, but his performance is in hawk eye is significantly watered down and lacks the complexity that makes Fisk Daredevil’s (and Spider-Man’s) greatest enemy. Matt Murdock must not be watered down in the same way if the revival is to succeed.

Wilson Fisk and Echo

The MCU is known for playing it safe, although it gives directors like Sam Raimi more freedom to go with films like Dark Direction Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. hawkeye’s Wilson Fisk, the Kingpin is reasonably comic-accurate hawk eyebut compared to his presentation in daredevilwhere he kills his own father and flies out of control at any moment, his more subdued, almost comical take hawk eye is very disappointing. Daredevil is a complex character who is deeply at odds with his role as the protector of Hell’s Kitchen as it is contrary to his beliefs. This conflict must be maintained in the new series; If Daredevil starts cracking jokes and jokes instead of feeling the weight of his actions, the series will suffer.

Marvel Studios has been notoriously cautious when it comes to violence and explicit content daredevil is known for its bloody struggles and dealing with big issues like human trafficking and drug trafficking. Although shows like moon knight Having proven that Marvel Studios will use characters like Marc Spector and Steven Grant to weave important themes like domestic violence into their narratives, they must commit to the same dark tone that was made daredevil so unique if his new series is to be successful. While it’s great to see Matt Murdock in the red devil suit again, the new season or soft reboot of daredevil can’t just follow the MCU formula to succeed; It needs to maintain the same style, tone, and content that made the Netflix series so brilliant.

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