The local tennis community is united in mourning the passing of the promising 16-year-old American tennis prodigy

Unfortunately, death is a contingency of life. However, understanding this logic does not make it any easier. News recently broke of the unfortunate death of an aspiring tennis player from South Bend, Indiana. David Filer, a young and promising tennis player, died on March 13 from a brain tumor. To add to their pain, his family could not afford the cost of a proper funeral. But the townsfolk have taken it upon themselves to make sure they raise enough money for young Filer’s funeral.

David Filer had been addicted to tennis since winning his first tournament at the age of seven. Filer is considered a “blue chip” player and ranked in the top 10 in the country by the age of 10. David and his family hoped that the young man’s potential for a college scholarship and a chance at a pro circuit was looming on the horizon, making his death all the more tragic.

Tennis families come together to help amid tragedy


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In a video published by the NewsRandom channel on YouTube, the details of David Filer’s death were revealed. Filer was a national elite junior player who had a secure future in tennis. Filer was a passionate tennis player who was known in his community as someone who never gave up. It was his tenacity and dedication that gave him a bright future. His obituary detailed his achievements in tennis before his death.


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Unfortunately, David was diagnosed with glioblastoma multiforme, a tumor that affects the brain. David was expected to recover, but in a tragic turn of events, he died on March 13. Although his family wanted to arrange a funeral, they were unable to do so due to their financial situation.


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Still, the family is not alone. Several Midwestern tennis families have come together to help filers lighten their load. The group have set up a GoFundMe account and encouraged everyone in the tennis world to show their gratitude for the young talent.


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Filer’s death is a grim reminder that life can be snatched away without warning.


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