The latest Xbox Developer Direct reveals new release dates for several big games

Today’s Xbox Developer Direct included release dates for several upcoming titles and a look at the latest game from the team behind them The evil within.

Microsoft’s Developer Direct gave a number of developers time to talk about their upcoming projects – what to expect, favorite tricks, etc. – and when they’ll be released to the public. Games were from Mojang (Minecraft) and Turn 10 Studios (forza), Tango Game Works (The evil within) and Zenimax Online Studios (Elder Scrolls Online) and Arkane Studios (death loop).


Turn 10 Studios and Zenimax took center stage during the presentation, with the former giving viewers a first official look at its latest game: Hi-Fi Rush. the Ghostwire: Tokyo and The Evil Inside Developers are taking a break from horror, and this bright and colorful new title is being billed as a “rhythm action” game. Players can attack and dodge enemies (or the many bombastic, fixed bosses) at will, but can deal more damage and pull off more impressive moves if they attack on the beat.

ZeniMaxs Elder Scrolls Onlineon the other hand, gets a whole new chapter called Necrom, with new quests, a new location, and a new playable character class. The Archanist is the third new class added to the game since its inception in 2014, and offers unique (and unspecified) magical abilities. Necrom also takes players back to Eastern Morrowind, which Zenimax says hasn’t been seen in any other Elder Scrolls Games since 1994 Elder Scrolls: Arena.

Other highlighted games were Mojang’s Minecraft Legends (especially the online multiplayer) and Turn 10 Studios next Forza Motorsport (Eighth in line). A more comprehensive look at Arkane Studios’ co-operative vampire apocalyptic FPS redfall was also given some time in the spotlight to showcase more gameplay, character abilities, and enemy types.

Hi-Fi Rush out later today and will be released on PC, Xbox Series X|S and Game Pass. Minecraft Legends will be released on April 18th for Xbox One, Series X|S, PC and Game Pass redfall will follow on May 2nd for PC, Xbox Series X|S and Game Pass. the Necrom extension for Elder Scrolls Online will be released this June – specifically on June 5th for PC and June 20th for Xbox consoles.


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