The latest Apex Legends update fixes issues with Horizon

A small patch for Apex Legends makes several minor updates to the battle royale, including a proper fix for a recently fixed Horizon bug.

A new patch for Apex Legends is attempting to fix an unintended change affecting Horizon that came with the recent introduction of the game’s “Spellbound” event. One of the most popular elements of Respawn and EA’s wildly popular battle royale since its release is the game’s vast roster of legends, each with unique abilities and playstyles. Characters like Wraith and Pathfinder have become fan favorites among players, bringing interesting gameplay elements to team builds. Now, Respawn is officially fixing an accidental nerf to a popular legend.


Since the game’s release in February 2019, Respawn has made regular updates Apex Legends to both improve the gaming experience and bring new content. Each competitive season typically adds a new legend to the game, with mid-season updates often featuring events with unique gameplay mechanics. However, the recent introduction of the Spellbound event brought about an unexpected and unintended change for Horizon, with the character’s accuracy being drastically reduced when using their Gravity Lift ability. Now the developer has officially confirmed a proper fix for the bug.

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An update shared by Respawn Entertainment on Monday informs fans of a small patch for Apex Legends, which details the minor changes made to the game with the update. Alongside other changes such as a fix to Legends tactical fees in the game’s Battle Royale mode, Respawn officially confirmed that the changes to Horizon have been rolled back. The developer would go on to say that Monday’s patch serves as a reasonable solution to the ongoing problem with Horizon and not as a backend solution that they had previously implemented. apex Players should not expect any changes to Horizon from the previous fix.

With the frequency of updates increasing Apex Legends, the battle royale is no stranger to bugs and glitches as it nears its fourth anniversary. The game’s numerous characters have often fallen prey to bugs like an infamous bug that plays itself out Apex Legends Characters with wrong skills. Some bugs and glitches have even resulted in characters being temporarily banned due to bugs severely affecting the game. The game’s competitive ranked mode has also seen its fair share of players trying to gain a strategic advantage with bugs or exploits.

The fixes for Horizon come as Apex Legends nearing the end of his fifteenth competitive season. Season 15 of the Battle Royale began with the introduction of Catalyst as the game’s first transgender Legend, playing a defensive role focused on door reinforcement and wall erection. The game also debuted a new map for Season 15, as Broken Moon became the latest addition to the game’s map rotation. With Season 15 wrapped up, players can look forward to what new characters and gameplay changes Respawn has in store for Season 16.

Apex Legends is now available for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

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