The KSHSAA bill would give homeschool families the right to public school sports

Rep. Kristey Williams, R-Augusta and chair of the K-12 House Budgets Committee, said during a committee hearing on Tuesday that she was dismayed that the current KSHSAA policy restricts non-public students, such as the interscholastic sports and activities the organization.

A possible law would allow virtual and homeschooled students to participate in sports teams and public school activities in Kansas.

But opponents of the bill, including the state high school athletics association, say the measure would undermine the academic component of participating in school activities and competitions.

Lawmakers on the House Committee on K-12 Education Budget Tuesday held a hearing for HB 2030 that would authorize non-public and part-time public school students to participate in all activities regulated by the Kansas State High School Activities Association will.

In the context of the bill, “non-public school” would refer to students enrolled in alternatives to traditional, publicly funded education such as homeschooling, virtual schools, and unaccredited private schools.

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