The Kansas City native is the new owner of the famous “Goonies” home in Astoria, Oregon

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A Kansas entrepreneur is the official new owner of the famous “Goonies house” in Astoria, Oregon.

Built in 1896, the Victorian-era house was featured in the classic film by Richard Donner and Steven Spielberg The Goonies. Starring a cast of ’80s child actors, the film follows a group of children who, after finding out their boyfriend’s childhood home is about to be foreclosed on, set out in search of a fabled pirate ship filled with gold, rubies, emeralds and diamonds.

The house in question is the same one that Kansas City native Behman Zakeri bought for $1.6 million.

Zakeri told The Heartlander that he saw the film in the summer of 1985 and that it inspired him to find the treasures of the real world.

“It inspired me, it shaped and shaped who I am today,” said Zakeri. “The positive impact The Goonies taught me that if you’re trying to be successful, you have to have an unrelenting desire. No matter what obstacle is thrown at you, what rock will try to fall on your head or the ground falls away from under you, you just keep pushing and going through this tunnel. Eventually you will find gold at the end of the tunnel.”

Zakeri says his goal for the Goonies house is to make sure it looks like it did when the movie was made and that fans can enjoy it as much as he did.

“Really, it’s open to anything. I want as many fans to enjoy this as we do. It’s such a landmark. My neighbor two doors down is so passionate The Goonies and to preserve them. We all have to work together to make sure as many fans can enjoy it as everyone else.”

The new owner says he and his family plan to find as many movie props as possible. Former owner Sandi Preston has become friends with Zakeri and has offered to leave behind some memorabilia. Recently, engineers have been on hand to recreate the film’s Rube Goldberg-style chain reaction device on the outside of the house to properly mimic the “truffle shuffle” dance that Chunk performs in one scene.

Additionally, Zakeri says fans have already come up the driveway and had to do the “Truffle Shuffle” for a video.

“It’s almost like recreating and shooting the film The Goonies. Fans are like, ‘Wow, this is what it felt and looked like when they filmed it.’ The people who came up today asked if they could come on the porch. I said to them, ‘By all means, come and take pictures. Hug the pole like Mikey in the movie and look at the horizon.’ Whatever you need to do to evoke that magical feeling, that’s what this is all about.”

The city of Astoria celebrates Goonies Day on June 7th each year, drawing thousands of fans from around the world. This summer’s celebrations mark the 38th anniversary of The Goonies release date.

The neighbors of the Goonies house are all fans of the film. An 80-year-old neighbor says he likes being called “Old Goonie.”

Zakeri and his wife plan to stay at their home in Kansas and use their newfound Goonies treasure as a vacation home. He says there’s an option to rent it for months for special occasions, including filming a long-awaited movie idiots To be continued if filmmakers are interested.

Preston thought Zakeri the right man to buy the house and preferred his bid to a higher one. He befriended Preston on his first visit to the Goonies’ home and discussed the possibility of buying it if she was ever willing to sell it. When Zakeri got wind of the viral listing, he immediately threw his name in the hat.

The entrepreneur founded and operates a trading card and collectors business called Collector’s Cache and an escape room business, as well as We Buy Gold and Bury the Hatchet KC. Zakeri told The Heartlander that he’s not done with his business ventures, and says there’s an opportunity for more Goonies adventures in the form of an idea called One-Eyed Willy’s Treasure Hunt, where players will be rewarded with real money and jewels would receive price.

He’s not sure if that starts in Kansas City or Astoria or a mix of the two.

“Maybe you have to start in Kansas City and end in Astoria to find the treasure. I think it would be great to work with someone like MrBeast, the great YouTuber. He regularly gives away over a million dollars in his YouTube videos. I’ve already reached out to Logan Paul; He’s a friend of mine and Logan is a Goonie. His buddy Mike (from his podcast) is a big goonie. I invited her to do an episode of her podcast at the Goonies house. They are interested.”


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