The Kansas City Chiefs also win with practice sessions

The Kansas City Chiefs are the class of the AFC here in the 2022 NFL season. In fact, despite having one more loss than the Philadelphia Eagles, you could probably convince many NFL fans that the Chiefs are the best team in the entire NFL right now. They win on the field. To be precise, five in a row. Off the pitch? Well, the Kansas City Chiefs are winning there too.

Earlier this week, the Chiefs added a couple of former division rivals to their practice squad, signing running back Melvin Gordon – formerly of the Denver Broncos – and wide receiver Bryan Edwards, a 2020 third-round pick by the Las Vegas Raiders. On the surface, those work movements rather harmless. They’re additions to the practice team and the Chiefs have guys ahead of them on the depth chart who are already playing well.

What makes these moves intriguing is that the Chiefs are purposely chasing a few of their division rivals here, signing players who didn’t work for the Broncos and Raiders and adding them to their program. Whether or not we end up seeing Gordon or Edwards on the field for Kansas City is irrelevant. This is a brilliant pair of moves from General Manager Brett Veach for a number of reasons.

First and foremost, take the opportunity to step on the necks of two division rivals. Again, it doesn’t matter if these two guys never or rarely play for Kansas City. Imagine the Chiefs ending the season by winning a Super Bowl. Guess who gets a ring?

Second, they are low-risk, potentially high-reward moves. The Chiefs have a comfortable lead in the division right now that they could afford if these players come in and don’t play well enough to stay. At least they tried. Not only is Kansas City maximizing its 53-man roster, but it’s also rigging the NFL’s new rules so you can keep veteran players on the practice team.

By adding Melvin Gordon and Bryan Edwards to the practice roster, the Chiefs bought themselves three risk-free looks at both boys for the remainder of the season before having to promote either of them to the active roster.

Melvin Gordon was cut from the Denver Broncos because of a fumble problem, and Edwards was traded by the Raiders to the Atlanta Falcons in the offseason, where he failed to assert.

Though Gordon is certainly taking a risk of reverting to old habits at his new destination, he’s also been a fairly consistent source of offense for the Broncos as a runner, receiver and passguard. In his first two seasons with the team, he had 20 touchdowns for them. On the Kansas City Chiefs offense, the chances seem relatively high that Gordon will do significantly better there than he did in Denver.

Ditto for Bryan Edwards, who is catching passes from Patrick Mahomes on a high-volume pass attack compared to Atlanta’s clawing and clawing for goals.

These are just practice squad moves, but they’re really great moves by the Chiefs to improve the bottom end of their roster and prepare for a deep playoff run.

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