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The home page | New Moon, Netflix and Neighborhood News

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Photo credit: @amandagibbypeters

Tonight is new moon. What does that have to do with home, you ask? As much as you want. Traditionally a time of new beginnings, introspection and intention setting, this first new moon of the fall season promises to be a prime time to reflect on rebalancing areas of our lives that may be becoming unbalanced. For many of us, especially those working from home, this can certainly have an impact on where we live. Simple Shui’s Amanda Gibby Peters advises us to cleanse, cleanse, and cleanse. Her Instagram is pretty funny too.

Photo credit: Courtesy of Netflix

I may be the only person I know who doesn’t watch TV. I mean none. I watched the last two innings of a baseball game last week, but otherwise I just…didn’t. But I know what I’ll be looking at on our first rainy day, or maybe when it gets dark soon enough. Instant dream home on Netflix sounds like a combination of a home makeover and an entertaining time-based game show. Families that deserve it get a new home with just 12 hours for a team of professionals to make it happen. Really, 12 hours?! It often takes me 12 hours to decide where to hang a picture, let alone envision a complete makeover.

Credit: Mark Corcoran

Earlier this summer I visited Johnny Cash’s home and shared the glittering details with you in my Make Me At Home column. With sparkling ceilings, a built-in turntable, and the intact wood-panelled studio where he wrote many of his hits, the Ojai-area home certainly exudes the spirit of The Man in Black. Not too surprisingly, the music legend’s home was recently bought for more than the asking price of $1.85 million, reportedly by a fan who will be able to keep the spirit alive.

Photo credit: Adrian Anz / Courtesy of Coldwell Banker

In other star-studded local real estate news, Kim Kardashian just bought Cindy Crawford’s Malibu estate. At a whopping $70.4 million, the purchase is the most expensive sale in Malibu so far this year, but it may feel like a bargain given the property was originally listed at $99 million. The 7,450 square foot oceanfront home sits on 3.2 acres with a private path down to a white sand beach. Kim will be in good company with other celebs who have homes in the area including Lady Gaga, Courtney Cox, Leonardo DiCaprio and Cher. Supermodel Crawford will also be staying nearby, in a house she owns next door.

Credit: Sarah Sinclair

Speaking of selling a home and work-life balance, Scout got to attend an open house this week, just around the corner from home. You’ll read more about it in next week’s issue – and you don’t want to miss it because this is an absolutely delightful downtown cottage that was built in 1910 and oozes cuteness. A photo of Scout in front of the door will have to suffice for today. She was reluctant to pose because of course she has to guard the neighborhood. Squirrels abound.

Last but not least, if you haven’t treated yourself yet, don’t miss Burrito Week! The thrill of $7 burritos all over town is palpable. Even Scout loves it… if only for the smells!

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