The Greens have announced a plan to ban greyhound racing, horse racing, rodeos, petting zoos and animal performances in circuses.

To “curb animal exploitation,” the proposal, which has been in the works for more than five years, includes the establishment of a transition program for industry workers and affected communities.

The plan hopes to reskill affected workers and help them find new jobs.

It includes raising resources for impacted communities and repurposing racetracks for the benefit of the community.

The Greens add that their main plan is to rehabilitate all affected animals and give them new homes.

“Six years after greyhound racing came within a hair’s breadth of being closed because of exceptional and well-documented animal cruelty, this cruel gambling industry is once again breaking records, with more injuries and deaths than ever before,” said Greens MP and Animal Welfare spokesperson Abigail Boyd.

“The industry has been given its second chance and has thoroughly failed to reform.

“It’s time to end greyhound racing forever,” she said.

The move would affect a number of Hunter Valley organizations including Ladbrokes Gardens Greyhound Racing at Birmingham Gardens, Maitland Greyhounds and the recently revamped Muswellbrook Greyhound Racing Club.

The Green Plan provides:

  • Ban on greyhound racing with a one-year implementation period
  • Set up a transition program for industrial workers and affected communities.
  • Ban on horse racing, including thoroughbred and harness racing, with a four-year implementation period.
  • Implement urgent social reforms while working towards the closure of greyhound and horse racing.
  • Closing rodeos and housing animals trapped in the industry.

“The exploitation of animals for entertainment and gambling profits is cruel and archaic, and we know that animal welfare will never win if the animal entertainment industry is allowed to thrive,” the Greens’ website reads.

“Thanks to the hard work of animal rights activists and activists, ‘sports’ like greyhound racing, horse racing and rodeos are being ravaged by cruelty scandals.

“From perverse performance motivators like electrocution or live baiting, to slaughtering injured and unwanted animals because it’s cheaper than rehabilitation and housing, these are industries that rely on cruelty to make a profit – and it’s high time they shut them down.” .

“Public opinion revolves around this atrocity. More people than ever reject the exploitation of animals for entertainment. As of 2021, no more circuses in Australia use wild exotic animals – but the cruelty to domesticated animals, who are forced into the grueling lives of constant transport and display at circuses and petting zoos, continues. The Greens will shut down these traveling animal shows.”

In the last parliament, the Greens said they were leading the overhaul of the legal framework for animal welfare in NSW.

During their tenure, they introduced a bill requiring greyhounds to be tracked from birth to death and questioned the industry in the parliamentary inquiry into the regulation of greyhound racing.

They have also introduced legislation to protect koala territories, study battery cages for chickens, enforce animal cruelty laws, breed puppies and use animals for medical tests.

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