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The Girls at the Back season 2: has Netflix renewed them?

The girls on the back (Las de la ultima fila) follows the story of five friends who plan a series of messy bucket list challenges for their annual vacation after one of them discovers she has cancer. Directed by Daniel Sánchez Arévalo, there are a total of 6 episodes with a running time of around 45 minutes.

The series cast includes Itsaso Arana as Sara, Monica Miranda as Alma, Maria Rodríguez Soto as Carolina, Mariona Terés as Leo, Godeliv Van den Brandt as Olga, Javier Rey as David, Macarena García, Michelle Jenner, Carmen Machi, Antonio de la Torre and Melina Matthews.

Will season 2 have The Girls at the Back?

The series follows Carol, Olga, Sara, Alma and Leo, five close friends since school, who invariably organize a week-long getaway together every year. Something happened this year that will force them to invent new rules of the game – one of them got cancer.

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They travel from Madrid to Cadiz, where things get boisterous as they attempt to complete their bucket list challenges throughout the week. From making out with a girl, to using drugs together, to committing a crime, to solving unfinished business, to being totally honest with each other; The group grows even closer with clarity about their lives.

Carol is beginning to realize that her marriage is not as happy as she thinks she is and how her whole life is controlled by her husband. After reading her friends’ texts that talk about her manipulative relationship with Ruben, she thinks about what she wants out of her life. Though she’s returning to her family, we’ve yet to see what she’s decided.

The girls at the back ending explained
Still from The Girls at the Back

Whether she is getting out of her marriage or seeking the help of a counselor. Olga broke up with David too, but she still misses him and imagines eating the garlic sandwich together. There is no doubt that they were a great couple and maybe Olga will change her mind and start a new relationship with him.

Likewise, Sara and Alma return to their respective families, not wanting to risk their friendship for a romantic relationship. But after an intimate week together, will they be able to move on in their lives or reveal the truth to everyone? Leo also started her chemotherapy as her mother agreed to take care of her father with Alzheimer’s.

It was said that she had cancer, but it was not revealed what stage it is at. The show was released as a miniseries, meaning it’s meant to be a one-off thing. But if you look at the ending premises, the possibility of another season is not zero. How Leo might recover from cancer and how her friendship and relationship with her mother evolved during that time could be explored.

The girls on the back
Still from The Girls at the Back

What does Carol decide about their marriage and will Sara and Alma give their love for each other a chance or not, that’s also a big question! Similarly, Olga and her relationship with David will remain just a good memory or a step for her to finally settle down with someone.

Though Netflix or its creators haven’t released any news about a renewal just yet. But depending on the reception and popularity with the audience, the creators could pursue the questions that the series leaves unanswered.

The girls on the back is currently streaming on Netflix.

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