Have you ever watched a movie and wondered why the actors don’t fall in love while acting out all those scenes? The Future Diary was published in 2021 and aims to give you an answer to exactly this question. The show is Japanese in origin and available with subtitles for non-Japanese.

The show is a reboot of a reality series that peaked from 1998 to 2002. Born out of a reality show on TBS, The Future Diary was given a modern twist by TBS and Netflix.

While the title of this show makes a diary seem like some sort of prophet, the show isn’t all that different from what it suggests.

Although there is no actual prophecy or prediction of the future, this reality show requires people – strangers, to be precise – to follow the script given in a diary.

This diary outlines the love story that will develop between the strangers and decides the fate of their love life.

season 1

“Would I still love you if I knew it would end?”

The slogan alone got our hearts beating, and The Future Diary’s first season, which premiered in 2021, was nothing short of an emotional roller coaster.

The first season focuses on a couple who go out together and spend a whole month in each other’s company. If everything from a hug to a kiss is part of the journal, would this couple still fall in love?

As the strangers follow the journal and discover their feelings for each other, a group of people debate whether falling in love is a viable option for this couple.

The Netflix trailer also gives a sneak peek at the couple crying and saying goodbye, reinforcing our doubts about the small heartache that lies ahead.

However, there is hope that the two will end up together. Feel relieved? Because right away. The final episode of this season lets the couple choose what they actually want to do; explore their relationship or break up, possibly forever.

season 2

It’s no fun watching a one-trick pony. With that in mind, the producers have brought back the interesting show with a twist.

Ever wanted to be part of a love triangle from your favorite book? Well I have good news for you!

Season 2 of The Future Diary aims to let us experience all sides of a love triangle. Since this time there are three participants and the compulsion to choose one of the two options, it will certainly bring tears to our eyes.

But all of that comes at a later date. Prepare beforehand to experience a woman dating two men, going on dates together, or alternatively.

With the promise of tears of joy and laughter, this season’s trailer is definitely one that would make you want to experience all of this.

5 things to know about reality dating show The Future Diary

Is it worth looking at?

With a storyline so different yet so common, The Future Diary is definitely worth a watch.

However, watch it at your own discretion because tears are sure to follow.

Where to stream

Both seasons are available on Netflix. Season 2 starts on April 19thth May 2022.

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