The Fallen Sun gets a surprising rating

The upcoming movie from Netflix Luther: The Fallen Sun got a surprising rating. That turned out to be the case Luther: The Fallen Sun is rated “R for disturbing/violent content, language and some sexual content”.

Luther has always dipped a toe into the deepest, darkest ends of the crime thriller genre. In the series, Idris Elba stars as DCI John Luther, one of the London Police’s more experienced profilers and investigators. Luther’s specialty (obsession?) is tracking down the worst serial killers plaguing the streets of London and bringing them to justice (or ensuring they never kill again). Luther is so devoted to his job that it costs him everything in his private life too – friends, colleagues, loved ones… often fatally. If that wasn’t complicated enough, it turns out that Luther’s only thriving personal connection is with one of the worst serial killers, Alice Morgan (Ruth Wilson).

Luther Creator Neil Cross (The Mosquito Coast) really helped set Luther apart from so many other crime investigations by showing dark and frightening sequences of sadistic serial killers stalking, approaching and/or murdering their victims between scenes , in which Luther tracks them down . Certain assassins have even returned to target Luther and those close to him, leading to some pretty rough deaths of key supporting characters.

That’s all to say: Luther: The Fallen Sun Sounds like it’s leaning heavily on the series’ core appeal, unencumbered by any television restrictions imposed by BBC One and instead with the harsher allowances of a film’s R rating.

Luther Season 5 ended with John Luther in his tightest spot ever. Alice Morgan left Luther stranded between the worlds of crime and law by killing the son of London’s biggest gangster, George Cornelius (Patrick Malahide), and Luther’s fellow detective and lover, Catherine Halliday. Everything that defined Luther as a moral servant of justice is gone…

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“If you’ve seen the last season, it continues after that. But for a new audience that hasn’t seen him yet, I think the film is a whole story, so even if you don’t know where Luther is, who he is or what, anything about him, the film tries for a new audience,” explained Idris Elba in an interview. “We just finished filming about three weeks ago. It was a dark shoot. Oh my god. It’s all fun and games while I read the script. I think, “And then he does what? Oh wow, that’s amazing,” and then I actually do it. I find myself freezing in some dark cave or something. No spoilers.”

Luther: The Fallen Sun will Andy Serkis (Star Wars: Andor, The Lord of the Rings) and Cynthia Erivo (Bad times at El Royale, Harriet). Erivo plays a cop-turned-Luther’s nemesis; Serkis will play “the criminal villain of the story,” who will presumably be another sadistic serial killer.

Luther: The Fallen Sun will stream on Netflix in March 2023.


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