The ending of Purple Hearts was a lot less happy before Netflix stepped in

Netflix vetoed the original ending of Purple Hearts, which would not have given viewers the same catharsis that the current ending scene offers.

WARNING: Spoilers for purple hearts ahead!

The new romance from Netflix purple hearts originally had a darker ending. Directed by Elizabeth Allen Rosenbaum, the film follows two young people, Cassie (Sofia Carson) and Luke (Nicholas Galitzine), who decide to get married. The twist, however, is that Cassie and Luke’s marriage is not based on love, but on their mutual desire for the military benefits that come with marriage. Over the period of purple heartsthe two make love after Luke is injured in battle, forcing them into a much more intimate position in their relationship.


Towards the end of the film, the sacredness of their love is threatened when someone outs them about the insincere motivation behind their marriage. When brought to trial, Luke pleads guilty to the illegal marriage, is serving a six-month sentence and faces a dishonorable parole. The film doesn’t end there, however, as its final moments feature an emotional reunion and a sweet post-credits scene that makes it clear that Cassie and Luke are now in a real love-filled marriage, rather than a purely practical one.

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Surprisingly, in an interview with RemezclaCarson says that happy endings weren’t always planned purple hearts. Check out her full comment below on how the film’s conclusion has changed:

We had finished the film with the ending where Luke is taken to jail and Cassie is waiting for him at the gate hoping he will come home. [Netflix execs felt it was] important that the audience could see Cassie and Luke again.

It was so cathartic and so beautiful to see them together because you really fell in love with them. And it’s such a nice feeling to see the happy ending they’ve never had.

Purple Hearts Luke

The chosen ending is certainly a much more romantic climax to this story than the alternative. While many viewers looking for something uplifting are drawn to her purple hearts Because of this, the sweeter ending might feed into existing reviews of the film. Lately, purple hearts came under fire online from real-life military spouses who didn’t think the film accurately reflected their far less glamorous experiences. While the criticism didn’t focus on the film’s ending, that certainly could be a factor in the claim that it does purple hearts glosses over the harsh reality of military marriages.

Could her answer have been different purple hearts have come to a harder conclusion? Maybe so, although other scenes, like Cassie and Luke’s romantic farewell before his deployment, also drew criticism from members of the military community. As purple hearts continues to stream on Netflix and gain larger viewership, the response to the film will likely continue to evolve. With the ending, those who have already seen it also change purple hearts can now think differently about the film.

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