“The dumbest penalty in football history”

FANS left stunned after witnessing ‘the dumbest penalty in football history’.

In a video circulating online, social media users couldn’t believe an outrageous decision made in Argentina’s top flight.

Colon goalkeeper Ignacio Chicco puts the ball downPhoto credit: ESPN
Chicco kicks it to Paolo Goltz, who wants to take it himselfPhoto credit: ESPN
Goltz, 37, puts the ball down while the Independiente stars protest wildlyPhoto credit: ESPN

Independiente was awarded a bizarre penalty during their duel with Colon.

The visitors took the lead through Santiago Pierotti after ten minutes before Independiente hit back in unusual circumstances.

It all seemed harmless enough as Colon prepared for a goal kick.

Goalkeeper Ignacio Chicco initially placed the ball at the six-yard line when teammate Paolo Goltz motioned for him to take it.

Chicco passed the ball a yard to his right, Goltz picked it up to place the ball himself.

Independiente stars began jumping up and down to claim a penalty, claiming Chicco took the kick so Goltz played it with the hand.

The referee initially dismissed the home team’s protests and motioned for the players to stop surrounding him.

But incredibly, VAR intervened and finally decided to take a penalty.


Colon stars surround the umpirePhoto credit: ESPN

Martin Cauteruccio converted from 12 yards and leveled the game at 1-1.

That was not the end of the drama as Independiente were awarded another penalty ten minutes from time.

This time Matias Daniel Gimenez Rojas was on hand to give Independiente a 2-1 lead.

But Goltz, who was cautioned, and Co weren’t done there – Ramon Abila scored a dramatic equalizer in the 101st minute to end the game 2-2.

Online fans were stunned by the first penalty incident.

One tweeted a facepalm emoji after seeing the call.

While a second wrote: “I’m still not sure what was the weirdest thing I saw in football yesterday: a goalkeeper scoring straight from his goal goal or it being awarded as a penalty.”

A third joked: “I saw them as a gift.”

And another called it “one of the dumbest penalties in football history”.

As of the draw, Independiente sit 19th in the table, while Colon are without a win after eight games and are 27th from the bottom after their fifth draw.


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