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The critically acclaimed The Alien Report lands here for a day-long sneak peek | Chicago roll

If you are a UFO enthusiast, don’t miss this opportunity. Experience an alien encounter in a glimpse The Alien Report Screening at the Patio Theater.

Filmmaker from Chicago Patrick Donnelly and Kevin Schroeder offer audiences a sneak peek of their critically acclaimed forthcoming UFO film, The Alien Reportat the legendary Patio Theater in Chicago on Thursday, May 26ththjust for one night.

Presented by Big City Chicago Productions, the sneak preview is part of a recurring presentation by local filmmakers. The Patio Theater is located at 6008 W. Irving Park Road in Northwest Chicago in the Portage Park neighborhood.

Described by Dread Central as a “visually stunning fun ride”. The Alien Report introduces itself as a video diary UFO documentary about a troubled teenager who found a clever way to record his own UFO footage using hidden Micro HD cameras, Go-Pros and iPhone components. The story unfolds in three alternating sequences revealing telepathic beings, human hybrids and the elusive “Men-in-Black”.

From a private screening described by the Center for UFO Studies (CUFO). The Alien Report as “capturing the surreal, dreamlike, and unfathomable nature of the real-world alien abduction experience.”

“It’s not a traditional storytelling film,” he said Michael sale by Earth’s Dreamland, the film’s distribution company. “It’s a POV experience, filmed with modern, tiny cameras that put you right in the middle of the action. They are alien encounters of an unusual kind. No UFO film has ever drawn the viewer directly into the film for its entire duration, especially one made on an incredibly small micro-budget.”

The Patio Movie Theater is reminiscent of the monstrous palace theaters. Built in 1927, it features a large screen format and recently updated Dolby 5.1 Theater Surround Sound. A crowdfunding effort has raised the funds needed to restore the ornate upper and lower lobbies. Although far from complete, the money raised will be used to bring this unique and beautiful venue back to life.

Tickets for The Alien Report and the Local Filmmakers Showcase are only $5. VISIT HERE to pre-purchase or visit the Patio Theater.

Additional screenings of The Alien Report will begin in mid-June at the Wilmette Theater on Chicago’s North Shore, and discussions have begun with a national theater chain for a limited test run in five Midwest cities to measure performance.

For sales information contact Michael Sell at Earth’s Dreamland [email protected]

May 26, 2022 at 7:00 p.m
Tickets $5.00
The Patio Theater
6008 West Irving Park Road
Only one night

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