The creator of Squid Game wanted to make a satire on the Netflix series

Squid GameThe creator of , Hwang Dong-hyuk, has announced that he is in the early stages of developing a satire based on the huge success of his Netflix show.

The director said this in an interview meeting, states that the show is currently titled The best show on the planet would cover Squid Game‘s overnight success and his personal experience of “being thrust into the limelight”.

Don’t expect to see the new show anytime soon, however, as Hwang has stressed that it’s still very much in its infancy.

Anupam Tripath and Park Haesoo in squid games

Noh Juhan / Netflix

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Since Squid Game The Korean survival series, which first hit our screens in September 2021, has become one of streaming giant Netflix’s biggest hits. It is currently the most watched show on the site.

It’s no surprise that a second season is in the works, but don’t get too excited just yet as it’s currently expected in late 2024.

When asked about the writing process, Hwang said he has yet to finalize the scripts.

Lee Jung Jae Hoyeon Hwang Dong Hyuk Squid Game

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“It is here. Not on the side, it’s here,” he said diversity, pointing at his head. “Everything is secret. I can’t say anything.”

The best show on the planet and Squid Game Season two aren’t the only projects the director is currently working on. Hwang has also revealed that he is “developing another controversial” and “more violent” film called ‘Develop’. kill old people club, inspired by Italian essayist Umberto Eco.

He has already written a 25-page treatment for the film and previously joked that this might be the reason he has to hide from old people after its release.

Squid Game Season 1 is now streaming on Netflix.

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