The city develops a plan to bring growth to Corpus Christi

The last time the city presented a development plan for the west side was in 1989.

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — When you think of growth and future development, the city’s booming South Side might spring to mind, but on Thursday night the City of Corpus Christi unveiled its draft plan for how to focus on improving quality of life on the West Side.

The west side makes up a large part of the city but is often overlooked. Local residents and business owners want to see more done.

A town hall meeting held on Thursday gave people a chance to give their feedback. Janet Rodriguez owns Hi Voltage Hair Salon on Morgan Avenue.

She is proud to own a shop in the neighborhood where she grew up.

“I saw a lot more potential here,” said Rodriguez.

She said she saw progress.

“Every month I see a different person opening a business on this site,” Rodriguez said.

However, she knows there could be more.

“When we get new customers, they say, ‘Oh, what can we do here?'” Rodríguez said. “People who are currently in positions on the city council or as council members are speaking louder about what’s happening on this side of town.”

The city government hopes that an area development plan can help.

Rodirguez was among those who saw the first draft of the plan, which focused specifically on the west side of the city, at an open house on Thursday.

“From a city planning perspective, this is one of the original parts of our city,” said Annika Yankee, city planning manager.

She said the development plan is more of a guide for future development and important decisions for the West Side.

“The things that we’ve heard over and over again are that people here want more housing options, revitalizations and more shops, more restaurants, retail, improvements in parks,” Rodriguez said.

People had to look at various maps and pictures of what the area might look like and reinforce the direction the city guides want to go.

Enrique Salinas calls the Westside home and felt it was important to do your bit.

“I wanted to know what the city is planning to improve the area, whether it’s drainage, infrastructure, the park, which interests me a lot because we don’t have a park,” Salinas said.

The last time the city presented a development plan for the Westside was in 1989. 33 years later, the city is now focused on revitalization, culture and safety.

It’s a vision that will help leaders for years to come.

“We want this site to grow as the rest of our city grows,” Rodriguez said.

Another open house for the West Side area development plan will be held Friday from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. at the McDonald Public Library at Greenwood Dr. instead of.

You can view the full copy of the design plan on the project’s website at

A survey went live here on Thursday, in which you too can make your contribution.

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