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The biggest gaming news for September 23, 2022

I wish I could bring you a nice, light-hearted roundup to kick off the weekend, but we’ve had some serious stories today, including the arrest of a 17-year-old hacker reportedly linked to recent GTA 6 leaks.

Apex Legends developer Respawn Entertainment has also revealed its recently observed increase in harassment, while MultiVersus has revealed that Rick Sanchez will be the next character to come into the game. Read on for more details.

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17-year-old arrested in UK over hacking incident reportedly linked to GTA 6 leaks

Rockstar was the victim of what may be the worst leak in gaming industry history earlier this month, with the London City Police and FBI looking for a culprit ever since. Today the London City Police announced that they have arrested a 17-year-old hacker allegedly linked to the GTA 6 leaks, according to a recent report. The suspect was arrested in Oxfordshire, England and is said to be part of a hacking group called Lapus$.


According to Respawn, abuse of developers has increased

Apex Legends developer Respawn Entertainment has released a statement telling fans that abuse directed at its developers has increased recently and stating that “the line between constructive feedback and harassment” cannot be crossed any further. It also informed fans that it has a zero tolerance policy for threats to its employees and will take appropriate steps to ensure “the health and safety” of the team.

MultiVersus confirms that Rick is the next addition to the roster

Now onto the lighter stuff, and MultiVersus has confirmed that Rick Sanchez from Rick & Morty will be the next character to join the roster. We haven’t been given a release date for Rick, but the game’s director – Tony Huynh – tweeted from his personal Twitter account that the scientist will be added “very soon”. It’s possible Rick could be out as early as next week, as Gizmo’s addition to MultiVersus came fairly soon after its initial reveal.

The Ninja Theory disputes the use of AI as a replacement for voice actors

We now have an update from a story featured in yesterday’s round-up as Ninja Theory has denied using AI speech technology to replace human speakers in their forthcoming projects. Instead, Ninja Theory had clarified that it was only using the technology as “placeholder content” in the early stages of development, and stated that it had no plans to stop using human voice actors, who are the “heart” of its stories.

Sly Cooper celebrates 20 years with new merch, fans are asking for sequels and remakes

After all, today was Sly Cooper’s 20th birthday, but fans hoping for some kind of new game announcement left a lot to be desired. Rather than the remake, or new game, that fans are craving, Sucker Punch and Sony instead unveiled a new line of merch and some official artwork celebrating the occasion. Great for those who wanted a Sly Cooper plush or a pretty gross t-shirt, but definitely disappointing for those waiting for the raccoon to return.

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