Welcome to the chaotic world of Apex Legends, where new players are greeted with a volley of bullets from wall-bouncing veterans. As you may have learned through ordeal by fire, the game has a higher skill level than other popular battle royales. While the main game loop may take a while to get fun, once it clicks you’ll have access to an amazing game full of skilled competitors.

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Before diving into advanced technologies, it’s a good idea to master Apex Legend’s diverse weaponry. The dominant meta weapons may not work for newer players as they are difficult to use and rely on attachments. As such, newer Apex Legends players should try these beginner-friendly weapons while still learning the basics of the game.

6 Rampage

Inspection of the Rampage machine gun in Apex Legends.

The Rampage LMG is a powerful weapon that can consistently dish out respectable damage. LMGs aren’t all that popular in the meta, as their slow rate of fire always loses out to auto rifles and SMGs in a fair shootout, but their accuracy and ammo economy are perfect for beginners opting for mid-to-long range combat.

The Rampage becomes a beast when you charge it with a Thermite Grenade, further increasing its rate of fire. Its high ammo capacity lets you rain fire on your enemies and stops them from rushing your vulnerable teammates.

The Rampage also shines in combination with Rampart due to their proficiency with machine guns.

5 Eve-8

The Eva-8 drum shotgun in Apex Legends.

Aggressive Apex Legends players know their way around shotguns. It’s common for veterans to break their opponents’ shields with faster-firing weapons before claiming the kill with a well-placed Mastiff or Peacekeeper.

The problem is that both of these weapons punish when you spot the shot, and the slow rate of fire makes it difficult to recover from missing damage.

The Eva-8 is a fully automatic shotgun that excels in close quarters combat. The Shotgun is much more forgiving at close range due to its fast rate of fire, high decent ammo capacity, and massive damage.

A reliable shotgun can help beginners break out of passive gameplay and try more aggressive thrusts.

4 charge gun

The Charged Rifle in Apex Legends.

If you’re looking for a long-range option that can take a beating, then the Charge Rifle is your most consistent option. This energy weapon features a charged laser beam that can deal great damage to enemies at any range.

The Charge Rifle is easy to use as it’s the only hitscan weapon in the game, so you don’t have to lead your shots or account for bullet drops.

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The Charge Rifle may not have the raw stopping power of other snipers, but its charging laser beam is far more consistent than others in its class. The sniper rifle excels in combat against mobile targets, such as B. Enemies that take zip lines or against legends with mobility.

3 RC-301

The legendary RC-301 assault rifle from Apex Legends.

Since launch day, the RC-301 has dominated Apex Legends, losing only slightly in favor to the R-99 SMG post-buff. As a new player, the reliability of the RC-301 assault rifle, especially in mid-range combat, is a far better option.

The weapon has it all: accuracy, stability, high damage per second (DPS) and fast rate of fire. Compared to the R-99, you trade precision for power, but the latter doesn’t matter that much if you can’t hit your shots.

A staple weapon in Apex Legends, the RC-301 is a powerhouse for beginners and veterans alike, making it a worthwhile weapon to master. In addition, the assault rifle is ready to use out of the box and only gets better with attachments.

2 Nemesis

An advanced assault rifle in Apex Legends.

The Nemesis Assault Rifle is a burst-fire weapon that boasts excellent accuracy and decent damage per shot. It’s a great option for players who like to take their time and line up their shots, as it rewards precision over speed, and its burst-fire mode can also be deadly in the right hands, allowing you to efficiently take out enemies without too to waste a lot of ammo.

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One of the main advantages of the Nemesis is its versatility in terms of attachments. The weapon can be fitted with a variety of scopes and barrel attachments, making it effective at different ranges.

Additionally, the Nemesis transforms into a deadly laser beam when equipped with 3x or 2-4x optics, allowing for more accurate long-range shots. But the Nemesis isn’t your traditional slow-fire weapon, as its rate of fire increases based on how much you shoot.

1 volt

A rundown looking Volt SMG in Apex Legends.

For those who prefer a run-and-gun playstyle, the Volt SMG is a fantastic choice. This energy weapon has a fast rate of fire and excellent accuracy, making it suitable for close-to-medium range combat.

The Volt SMG is easy to use as it has the fast kill time of an SMG with the accuracy of an assault rifle. As a result, you spend less effort on the low recoil and you can focus more on your enemies.

The Volt SMG works flawlessly with no attachments, making it the most desirable weapon in early fights. In addition, the fast reload speed allows you to become the attacker while the enemies are still crawling around with their weapons.

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