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The Best Thanksgiving Getaways in California | Ty D

Here is our short list of the 10 best Thanksgiving getaways in California to make your trip fascinating and delightful.

Most people prefer to stay home on Thanksgiving. However, going out is neither forbidden nor punishable. It’s great to try something unique and if you’re looking to go out on Thanksgiving, we’re here to help.

Napa Valley


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If you love beautiful sights then this is what you need. Napa Valley trains pass through various regions that showcase terrain that will blow your mind. Another specialty of the train is its food. You can order their Thanksgiving meals and a full four-course meal if you go with La Toque or Meadowood.

There are many tour guides that you can hire to show you around the place. Don’t forget to visit the all-time famous Castello di Amorosa and the Tuscan Castle. With Thanksgiving weekend sales and so on, you can also buy gifts for your loved ones.


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Well, who wouldn’t want to visit a beautiful city where you can see glimpses of historical artifacts? Mendocino is one of the best places to visit in California if you are interested in history, design and architecture.

Eating keeps the body alive and delicious meals keep the soul alive. Visit the Little River Inn and MacCallum House for a fantastic Thanksgiving dinner.

In addition, there are old buildings and streets lined with saltbox cottages among quaint cafes, art galleries and boutiques. Undoubtedly an amazing place to visit in California.


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Do you love visiting the pleasant waters and taking some good photos there? Try going to Mammoth Lakes. A small town with a great community. A beautiful lake on the side and amazing food will make you work wonders.

Hot chocolate, turkey and so on. Meals and delicious offerings make this place a perfect destination. Wait! Things weren’t over yet.

You can also get amazing Black Friday discounts and other offers in stores. For that special occasion, why not grab a gift for someone close to your heart?

Finally, if you’ve decided to visit, don’t forget to check out the mall in the mountains in the heart of Mammoth Lakes.



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Talking about lakes and not talking about Lake Tahoe is unfair. You cannot ignore a beautiful and elegant lake like Lake Tahoe. A very popular and dream destination for ski lovers.

Come here, enjoy the snow with your skiboard all day and in the evening enjoy dinner in a good restaurant. What an idea! to spend Thanksgiving.

There are dozens of different restaurants that you can choose for a good meal as Tahoe is a very famous place. However, if you want our suggestions, Granliabakken is a restaurant that will satisfy you.

Santa Cruz


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A place for those who want to enjoy their Thanksgiving weekend to the fullest. All you have to do is pack your bags and head to Santa Cruz. Traffic is limited in November, so you can go there, play volleyball and enjoy other beach games. Make sure it’s a sunny day so you don’t get cold.

Restaurants are common here. You can easily find a good one and the taste is almost decent. Another thing worth noting is the Holiday Lights train, which runs exclusively on Thanksgiving weekends.

san francisco


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Well, we won’t lie. San Cruz and San Francisco are nearby if you’ve been to San Cruz before and want a unique place to visit this Thanksgiving.

Why not visit San Francisco? Tons of great restaurants to have delicious and amazing meals. Three lighting ceremonies can be the perfect thing for your Instagram reels at such an event.

Try visiting the Embarcadero Center to see the beautiful sights. In addition, you can also take home nice things as gifts or personal products.


Historic Bridgers, River Scenery and Homemade Food. Downieville is an all-in-one combo for tourists looking to spend their Thanksgiving somewhere special. It is famous for its great people and beautiful architecture.

You can easily relax here with their delicious food offerings. Visit the Sierra General Store, place an order, and you’ll have a perfectly home-cooked meal. They also have the service of offering dinner at your doorstep, but you have to reach them online.

If you are a documentary film lover, there is the Yuba Theater that offers travelers an exquisite travel experience.

Yosemite Park

A great place for nature lovers to spend their Thanksgiving. We cannot promise you a full quiet moment for you to enjoy. The park is usually crowded, but if you’re lucky, who knows, you might find a quiet setting.

You can visit the nearby Ahwahnee Hotel to spend your Thanksgiving night and come back whenever you like. There are many different dishes that are known in the area. A traditional favorite festival is one of the specialties of the area and the hotel.

Santa Clarita

Try visiting something else. You should make Santa Clarita your number one choice this Thanksgiving season. You will love the place if you are an animal lover.

Take all your time to cuddle the animal, but don’t get too excited because sometimes people get hurt. The local chef is an expert in vegan dishes, but you can also find non-vegan dishes. Enjoy your evening with great meals and some shopping.

Catalina Island

Catalina Island might be a little far away when traveling, but believe us when we say it’s worth the trip. Located right on California’s southern coast, the destination is one of the best Thanksgiving weekend spots one could ask for.

Be it cycling, hiking, fishing or golfing. You can do almost any sporting activity with your friends and eat late into the night.


Everyone wants to make Thanksgiving special, which is what this article was designed for. We hope this article regarding the top 10 Thanksgiving getaways in California has been helpful.

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