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The best Pokémon trading card game cards in Japan, previewing the Silver Storm set

That Pokémon trading card game has released two sets in Japan that preview what cards will be in the finals sword and shield extension Silver Storm. In June, The Pokémon Company confirmed that the Pokemon Sword and Shield TCG The series would come to an end with the release of the Silver Storm Extension. Though the fall release isn’t scheduled to hit stores until November, the final is the mainline sword and shield expansion, many of their cards were already revealed in the Japanese sets Glowing Arcana and paradigm trigger.


Since TCG Introduced in 1996, the Nintendo tabletop game always releases its new maps in Japan first. In September, the Pokemon card game released Glowing Arcana with the debut of Alolan Vulpix and Serperior as VSTAR cards. The mini set was the first half of what will eventually become Silver Storm in North America. On October 21st, Japan will receive the second half of the final Gen 8 mainline expansion with the launch of paradigm trigger.

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With the publication of the Paradigm trigger TCG On the horizon, players now have a huge preview of which maps they will appear in the last expansion of the Galar region. The November release will feature many rare VMAX, VSTAR, and Radiant Pokémon TCG collectibles. Below is a list of the best Japanese cards for players to draw when the Silver Storm The expansion finally hits stores on Friday, November 11th.

Pokémon TCG Paradigm Trigger Lugia V Alternate Art Card

One of the biggest selling points of the Silver Storm expansion is the return of Lugia as a rare card in the TCG. Even decades after its first appearance in the Johto region, the Pokemon Silver Box Mascot is still one of the most popular Legendary Pokémon in the series. in the Silver Stormplayers can draw a Lugia V card with stunning alternate artwork.

The rare collectible features the Gen 2 Pokémon rising out of a stormy ocean of water swirling around it. While the Johto Legendary was introduced as a 25th anniversary card Pokemon Celebration TCG Set, this marks the first time since 2018 that Lugia will be available as a rare complete art collector’s item Sun and moon lost thunder Extension.

Pokemon TCG Incandescent Arcana Serperior V Alternate Art Card

Although the sword and shield TCG Era introduced many new rare card variants like VMAX and VSTAR, the most valuable Pokemon cards in 2022 were actually Alternate Type V cards. The full art design was first introduced in the Pokemon Sun and Moon TCG series and has grown in popularity since its return to the wild sword and shield Epoch.

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One of the best maps out there Silver Storm Expansion is the Serperior V collectible. The holographic card features a delightful illustration of Pokemon Black and White 2 Protagonist Rosa rides her bike next to Unova Starter Serperior. The rare Serperior V not only has detailed artwork, but also captures an intimate moment not often seen between characters in the series TCG.

Lugia VSTAR Pokemon TCG Paradigm Trigger

What will probably be one of the most valuable cards in the world November TCG Set is the highly anticipated Lugia VSTAR card. The rare collectible features the Johto Legendary bursting into the sky surrounded by a flood of golden energy.

However, as well as being a great holographic card, the rare VSTAR is extremely powerful with 220 attack power and an amazing 280 overall health. While Lugia has some cards in the Pokémon Silver Tempest trading card game expansion, its debut as a VSTAR will likely be what most players and collectors are after when the set launches in November.

After his debut in the Pokemon sun and moon TCG series, the Trainer Gallery Cards have since become one of the most popular Pokémon card variants in the Nintendo tabletop game. The beautiful map design features detailed graphics of Pokémon alongside their trainer in unique situations such as battles.

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The popular card subgroup is brought back for the Silver Storm expansion and includes Pokemon like Milotic and Jynx. However, the most impressive artwork from the subset is the Gardevoir trainer gallery card. The Rare Collectibles featuring Kalos champion Diantha seated and Gardevoir seated under a flowing golden beam of light.

Pokémon TCG Paradigm Trigger Unknown VSTAR card

One of Pokemon The franchise’s biggest oddity, Unown, will also make an appearance Silver Storm. That Pokemon Gold and Silver Johto Region favorite didn’t have many rares in the TCGwith most of them coming from the EX Invisible Forces Set released in 2005.

However, the Gen 2 Pokémon is returning in a big way Silver Storm as one of the rare VSTAR cards in the expansion. The holographic artwork features a handful of Unown orbiting each other with a beautiful galaxy backdrop in the background. fans of the gold and silver Games won’t want to be without this rare Pokémon card.

Pokemon Incandescent Arcana Serperior VSTAR card

rounding off the Silver StormThe VSTAR series is Unova Grass-type Serperior. The Gen 4 starter card originally made its debut in September Glowing Arcana and has already become one of the most expensive collectibles in the set.

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Fans pick up the final sword and shield Extension in November will be able to pull the Pokemon black and white Unova VSTAR card showing an illustration of Serperior bursting out of the frame of the card. The Serperior VSTAR will also appeal to players as it offers a powerful 190 damage attack with only three energy making it one of the best sword and shield the era’s most accessible maps for competition.

Legendary Pokémon cards from Paradigm Trigger Swords of Justice

Continue with Gen 4 themes, Silver Storm will also feature the debut of a new deck for the Unova’s Sword of Justice Legendary Pokémon quartet. Players can collect rare Cobalion, Terrakion, Virizion, and Keldeo holographic cards.

While each of the Pokémon has been introduced in sets over the years, Silver Storm is the first time that the group of four will be shown together in one place. The inclusion of the Swords of Justice quartet in the final Gen 8 TCG Expansion is appropriate as they were also brought back into the Pokémon Sword and Shield Crown Tundra DLCs ​​in 2021.

Pokémon Sun and Moon Mythical Magearna V Alternate Art Card

One of Silver StormThe best collectible from is the Magearna V card. Part of the expansion’s alternate art subset, the rare collectible features a holographic illustration that’s bursting with bright colors. The card’s artwork is a recreation of a scene from the Sun and moon Anime that debuted in 2020. Since Magearna is one of the ultra-rare Mythical Pokemon in the series, this is Silver Storm The V-Card is sure to be one of the most valuable collectibles in the expansion.

With Silver Storm to be the last main Galar lineage TCG Extension, the vast majority of maps in Japanese Glowing Arcana and paradigm trigger Sets will be included in the November release. Following Silver Stormthe first generation 9 Pokemon Scarlet and Violet TCG Maps will be released in January 2023 with the region of Paldea Pokémon trading card game Expansion is scheduled to start a month later.

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