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The best photos of Kate Middleton and Prince William at the premiere of Top Gun: Maverick.

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Tom Cruise can’t get enough of the British royal family this month. The American film star played a role in A Gallop Through History, a special performance at the Royal Windsor Horse Show attended by Queen Elizabeth, and now Prince William and Kate Middleton are attending the long-awaited premiere of him top gun Consequence.

But it won’t be the first time the Cambridges have seen the film. In April 2022, star Tom Cruise apparently held a special screening at an IMAX cinema near London’s Leicester Square for Prince William, Kate Middleton, Sophie Wessex, Princess Eugenie and Princess Beatrice.

The Cambridges are no strangers to red carpet events. Prince William has served as President of the BAFTAs since 2010, a role he inherited from his grandfather Prince Philip, and in that capacity he has attended numerous film premieres over the years. Most recently, the Cambridges attended the world premiere of no time to diethe latest James Bond film and the last starring Daniel Craig, in September 2021.

Prince William and Kate Middleton on the carpet for Top Gun: Maverick will surely be a glamorous premiere to remember fondly. Browse through the best photos:

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The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge arrived at the premiere quite chic. Kate wore an outfit by Roland Mouret.

Kate’s black and white dress matched William’s tuxedo perfectly.

They were smiling and chatting as they entered Top Gun: Maverick.

The Duchess of Cambridge seemed overjoyed to be at the premiere.

After walking down the red carpet, the royals stopped to speak with star Tom Cruise (right).

Cruise held Kate’s hand as he helped her up a flight of stairs on the red carpet.

Tom Cruise accompanied the Cambridges to the premiere.

Kate and Tom appeared to be conversing as they walked up the stairs to the theatre.

Prince William’s Crockett and Jones shoes are embroidered with F18 aircraft, like the one Cruise flies in the film.

Another angle on Cruise and the Cambridges.

Jennifer Connelly and Prince William chatted while Kate shared a laugh with Cruise.

Another perspective of the moment above: Miles Teller standing next to Jennifer Connelly.

Jon Hamm (back left, white tuxedo) laughed at something Prince William said.

The setting for the Leicester Square premiere was a white fighter jet.

In a rare display of PDA, William put a hand on Kate’s back as they spoke to the cast Top Gun: Maverick.

Prince William spoke to actor Jay Ellis.

Prince William and Tom Cruise wave to the assembled crowd.

The Cambridges went to the theater together.

Prince William at the cinema in Leicester Square on his way to his seat for the film.

Kate followed close behind.

Kate and William shared a moment while waiting outside the entrance to the theater.

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