The best Minecraft Kitchen ideas, designs and concepts

A kitchen is one of the most important parts of any home, so it is important to design it properly. Fortunately, there are few restrictions in the Minecraft universe, and you can experiment with a variety of kitchen ideas. So we have listed the best kitchen ideas, designs and concepts that players can use in Minecraft.

Gothic kitchen

Screengrab via BigBadBam’s YouTube

A gothic kitchen design in Minecraft is all about dark and moody details. You can use dark oak or obsidian blocks for the walls and floor, add ornate fixtures and a knife stand for a gothic touch. Use wooden cabinets and add some candles or other spooky accessories for the finishing touch.

Modern kitchen

Screengrab via BlenDigi’s YouTube

Everyone wants a modern kitchen with all the luxuries. Its sleek design is mostly white concrete with touches of andesite blocks. If necessary, you can create contrast by using redstone or nether blocks.

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Medieval kitchen

Screengrab via MCrams YouTube

You can build a medieval kitchen if you want to deviate from a modern looking kitchen. This may not be as polished as the modern kitchen, but it’s still aesthetically pleasing. The walls in the medieval kitchen are mainly made of andesite, while the furniture is made entirely of wood. You can also hang fire torches to complete the medieval look.

mediterranean food

Image via u/BigWoku on Reddit

A Mediterranean kitchen in Minecraft is a vibrant and colorful option that will add warmth and life to your virtual world. It has a wooden ceiling, and while the walls appear fairly plain, you can use terracotta blocks for the floor and walls instead. These blocks come in warm and earthy tones, from sandy beige to rich burgundy.

Open kitchen

Screengrab via MCrams YouTube

While the concept of outdoor cooking is nothing new, you can take it to a whole other level in Minecraft. This is a perfect kitchen for outdoor lovers and those who enjoy cooking under the bright blue sky. That means you could add a roof to the kitchen when the rainy or winter season comes.

Royal kitchen

Image via u/Lord_Omen on Reddit

Royal Kitchen is all about luxury and an elegant dining experience. It is large and contains all the regal amenities one would expect from a kitchen of this prestige. It also has a chandelier in the center that gives it a chic touch.

Rustic kitchen

Screengrab via Almond Goos YouTube

A cute and pleasant choice for your Minecraft world is a rustic kitchen. Use wooden planks and logs to make a room cozy and welcoming. To complete the look, add a wooden table and chairs. You can also build a stone fireplace for more variation in design.

Simple kitchen

Screengrab via Nerdak’s YouTube

If you don’t want a flashy kitchen with tons of appliances and gadgets, a simple kitchen might be best for you. It’s not difficult to build but has all the necessary amenities that a regular kitchen has and also uses fewer resources than other kitchen designs on the list.

Traditional cuisine

Image via u/robotthunder500 on Reddit

This design is the most realistic and reflects the look of a kitchen today. It has a stove, oven, vent chimney and enough space to store all the spices. It’s a neat design and you will always feel at home.

Wooden kitchen

Screengrab via SwiftFoxy’s YouTube

A solid wood kitchen may not be the best in reality, but it definitely works in Minecraft. Not only is it effortless to make, minimal materials are required. In some places you have to use stone blocks to build a hob, but most of the time it’s made entirely of wood. You can also use spruce wood instead of regular to make the whole build fancier. The best minecraft kitchen ideas, designs and concepts


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