The best keyboard and mouse compatible games for Xbox One

Using a keyboard and mouse on your Xbox One is a great way to learn how to play before investing in a PC. It also allows Microsoft to leverage its unique platform and push for better connections between Xbox One and PC gamers thanks to cross-platform titles that allow both groups to play together.

Controller gamers needn’t worry – competitive gaming with keyboard and mouse support only pits players against PC gamers or Xbox Live users who are also using this feature. So if you’d rather play with your controller but want to test your mouse and keyboard skills, you’ll be directed to the appropriate lobby each time. Here are some of the best games with keyboard and mouse compatibility on Xbox One.

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Ark: Survival Evolved

Image via Studio Wildcard

Ark: Survival Evolved is an action-adventure survival video game developed by Studio Wildcard. Players are stranded on a mysterious island populated by dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals. You must explore, hunt, harvest resources, craft items, build shelters and colonies, and more to survive. In addition, players can tame the dinosaurs with special equipment, build and ride them, and even engage in battles with other players. The game even features a cooperative mode where players can work together to complete quests and build a thriving community.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare

Image via Infinity Ward

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is a first person shooter game developed by Infinity Ward and published by Activision. It is the sixteenth installment in the Call of Duty series and a reboot of the Modern Warfare sub-series. Players will fight in a variety of game modes including traditional 6v6 and 10v10 deathmatches, larger 20v20 battles and the new Realism mode. The game also includes a Warzone Battle Royal mode where up to 150 players can fight to be the last team. Modern Warfare focuses on tight gunplay and realistic graphics to deliver an immersive and intense experience.

Fourteen days

fourteen days
Image via Epic Games

Fortnite has become one of the most popular games in the world, with millions of players competing across multiple platforms. The game has spawned several international tournaments and leagues and offers huge cash prizes to the best performing teams. Players can team up with friends alone or in duos for intense, fast-paced combat. It was also praised for its lively, cartoonish art style and humorous characters. Whether you’re playing against friends or in a tournament, Fortnite is sure to offer an action-packed and intense experience.

Metro Exodus

Subway Exodus
Image via 4A Games

Metro Exodus is an ambitious first-person shooter (FPS) set in post-apocalyptic Russia. Players take control of Artyom, a former soldier living in the Moscow Metro, and must lead a group of survivors to freedom while striving to protect them from enemy mutants and other deadly threats.

The game features a dynamic day-night cycle and weather system, as well as an extensive weapon inventory. Along the way, players can upgrade their gear, customize their weapons, and use stealth tactics to survive. A deep, immersive story utilizing elements of horror and psychological warfare blends the game’s exciting gameplay and makes Metro Exodus an unforgettable experience.​​​​​​​​​​​​


Image via Mojang Studios

Minecraft is a popular sandbox video game developed by Mojang and published for multiple platforms including Microsoft Windows, macOS, Linux, Android and iOS. The game allows players to explore and manipulate a blocky 3D open world environment with different modes like Creative, Survival and Hardcore. With its sprawling worlds, creative freedom, and community support, Minecraft offers endless hours of entertainment for players of all ages.

Sea of ​​Thieves

Sea of ​​Thieves
Image via Rare Limited

Sea of ​​Thieves is an open world pirate adventure game developed by Rare and published by Microsoft Studios. Players take on the role of pirates as they explore a vast shared world filled with islands to explore and rewards to discover. Players can customize their own pirate character, voyages, and ships, and team up with other players to battle enemy ships, discover sunken treasure, search for lost secrets, and more. With its unique graphics, exciting world, and array of activities, Sea of ​​Thieves offers an incredibly fun and exciting experience for players of all ages.

state of decay 2

state of decay
Image via Undead Labs

State of Decay 2 is an open world zombie survival game developed by Undead Labs and published by Microsoft Studios. The game takes place in a post-apocalyptic world overrun by zombies, and players must form a community of survivors while battling hordes of undead. The game features an expansive open world, numerous character customization options and weapons, and a variety of missions to complete. Players must manage their resources wisely to survive as long as possible.

The Sims 4

Image via Maxis

The Sims 4 allows players to create and control characters called Sims. These virtual humans have different personalities, needs and desires that the player must fulfill. Players design homes, explore neighborhoods, and interact with other Sims to build relationships. The game also allows players to customize their Sim’s appearance, pursue different careers and hobbies, and create their own stories.

The Sims 4 also features new gameplay mechanics such as emotions that affect a Sim’s behavior and interactions. With its immersive visual design and narrative gameplay, The Sims 4 offers an immersive gaming experience that encourages creativity and exploration.

war frame

war frame
Image via Digital Extremes

Set in the far future, Warframe is an action-packed free-to-play third-person shooter game that puts you in control of a warrior named Tenno. Armed with an arsenal of powerful weapons, you must defend your solar system against various factions of robot enemies and hostile aliens. You can customize your Warframe with unique mods to increase its performance and unlock additional abilities that will give you an edge over your opponents.

Warhammer: Vermin 2

Image via Fatshark

Warhammer: Vermintide 2 is a first-person cooperative action game set in the Warhammer Fantasy Battles universe. Players choose from five unique heroes, each with their own special skills and abilities, to battle hordes of enemies. The game features intense melee combat, challenging missions, and environmental puzzles. The fights are brutal and the rewards are great. Together you can survive the endless onslaught of enemies and become a legend in the world of Warhammer. Players must work together to survive relentless enemy attacks and defeat powerful bosses.


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