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The Best Fortnite Toys – LifeSavvy

A red Fortnite action figure stands next to a remote-controlled spherical vehicle.
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Fortnite is popular because players can build their own characters and enjoy the immersive worlds within. Kids also thrive on the social component of Fortnite, playing with their friends and schoolmates.

Fortnite Toys Buying Guide

A teenager wearing goggles holds a Fortnite style NERF gun and smiles.


Why Buy Fortnite Toys?

If you have someone in your life who loves Fortnite, consider getting them a Fortnite toy for their next birthday, holiday, or special occasion. Having Fortnite toys for your player also helps pull them off screen and live out their Fortnite fantasies in real life.

What should you consider with Fortnite toys?

  • Security: When buying toys for younger children, it’s a good idea to read the manufacturer’s recommendations, especially when it comes to small parts. It is also recommended to have safety goggles available when using a blaster that shoots projectiles.
  • Featured Characters: When it comes to fantasy games, make sure you get the right featured characters that represent the best of Fortnite. Action figures, in particular, can come in sets that highlight specific characters that your child will love.
  • Games or fantasy games: While imaginative play can be a louder, more active play, board games, puzzles, or craft games may be better choices for quiet play. Choose based on whether your child prefers active pursuits or quiet time when indulging in their favorite toys.

Is Fortnite kid friendly?

While Fortnite games are rated “T” for teens, there are some younger players who engage with and enjoy the game. The game is recommended for ages 13+. As always, make decisions for your family that are right for you and discuss any concerns with your child.

Our picks for the best Fortnite toys

Best nerf gun

Advantages: We love that this blaster is a near-exact replica of the one used in Fortnite. It’s well made by a longtime American toy maker. And it’s pretty easy to use: it has a pump action that propels darts forward through the clip, and it doesn’t require batteries. Also, it has extra darts for continuous play.

Disadvantages: The scope is not very accurate.

bottom line: Overall, this is a great fantasy shooter for kids aged 8+. Wearing glasses is recommended when using this blaster in a group play environment. But overall, this toy is designed for safety and fun.

Best remotely controlled

Fortnite Baller (RC) vehicle

This cool RC vehicle tears through the terrain on two AA batteries and comes with a 4-inch action figure.

Advantages: Firstly, this toy set comes in durable, giftable and collectable packaging. Second, gamers love the accurate and well-crafted hybrid figure. It looks just like the character in the game and superfans absolutely love it. Playing with the RC vehicle is also really fun. And it comes with an easy-to-use remote control, so kids of all ages can enjoy the fun.

Disadvantages: The baller only rolls on hard floors.

bottom line: While other remote control vehicles are great, this Fortnite shooter features 360 degree controls for the ultimate RC experience. It comes with a hybrid figure but is compatible with all 4 inch Fortnite figures. Best of all, this toy is an official Fortnite product, perfect for collectors.

Best Action Figure Set

Advantages: The figures in this set are well made. Each figure is true to form with the characters it represents. They are also great for collectors to display or for children to play with. In fact, they are easy for little hands to handle, so kids can have hours of fun. They even make awesome cake toppers or other decorations for a Fortnite themed party. And best of all, they come in an attractive gift box.

Disadvantages: The ink in the stamps doesn’t last very long.

bottom line: If your favorite Fortnite fan loves lifelike characters, this set is sure to make them smile. This set is perfect for a Battle Royale. And there are two separate sets, so you can collect all the figures.

Best Board Game

Advantages: This is a fantastic game for kids, especially since this version doesn’t use money. Also, it’s great for kids with short attention spans as it can be played in a shorter version than the original. It’s super fun, especially with the different maps, directions, and designs on the board that will immerse you and your family in the world of Fortnite. And since the gameplay of this version of Monopoly is less competitive than the original, there’s less chance of sibling battles occurring.

Disadvantages: The rules of this game are modified from the original Monopoly, and the cards and game board pieces are different, so it will take time to learn them.

bottom line: For a kid-friendly game night, this Fortnite version of Monopoly is a winner. It comes with fun and interactive graphics and parts that immerse players in the fast-paced world of Fortnite. Best of all, you can play with up to seven players!

Also great

Advantages: This Fortnite replica shooter offers hours of live-action fun. It uses a battery-powered motor to quickly fire Nerf darts at the push of a button. It is easy for young people to understand and use, so they can have fun with their friends. It also comes with a handy 10 dart clip. And if you’re gifting it, it comes in a sturdy gift box with colorful photos of the Nerf blaster.

Disadvantages: The batteries are not included.

bottom line: With any Nerf product, it is recommended that you provide safety goggles before playing with this blaster. Apart from that, the darts are rubberized and soft, safe for fighting game. Also, it is included in the Converge Wrap of the popular Fortnite video game.

Final Thoughts

Fortnite is a popular series of fighting-style games that also offer a space to get creative. Due to its continued popularity, it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. If your kid (or favorite adult) loves Fortnite, there are some fun toys and cool collectibles for your next gift-giving round.

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