Although Digimon doesn’t have as much hype as the Pokemon card game, it has brought its characters to the table to fight for two decades. As with any other card battle game, booster and expansion packs are released regularly throughout the year to keep the gameplay fresh and unique.

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One of the 2022 additions was the BT11: Dimensional Phase booster pack, which added over 100 cards to enhance your Xros Wars decks, as well as some new characters to the mix. Card types include Digi-Egg cards, which while not as flashy as full-fledged Digimon cards, help determine strength and power.

6 Yokomon

BT11 Yokomon DigiEgg Digimon Dimension Phase

Yokomon allows you to draw a card from your Deck if it is erased, as long as you have a Red Tamer in play when the erasure occurs. This can serve as a little refresher for your hand, and if you’ve been playing Yokomon and your red tamer for lack of better options, getting a new card in your hand can be very helpful.

This Digi-Egg is also common in packs, so you’ll most likely have it available when building your deck. It’s also worth noting that some of the Digi-Eggs have effects triggered by certain ribbons, and if you happen to be a fan of the red cards, Yokomon is an obvious choice to add to your game.

5 Wanyamon

BT11 Wanyamon DigiEgg Digimon Dimension Phase

Wanyamon is similar to Yokomon in that this Digi-Egg allows you to draw a card from your deck as long as you already have a blue tamer in play. The difference between this card and Yokomon, however, is that Wanyamon doesn’t need to be cleared to activate, giving you more time to take advantage of the card’s effects without having to give up its purpose as a Digi-Egg in training.

For each turn that Wanyamon and a blue tamer are in play, you may draw a card once. As long as you keep Tamer and Digi-Egg alive for a while, you have multiple chances to get something awesome from your deck into your hand.

4 Tanemon

BT11 Tanemon DigiEgg Digimon Dimension Phase

Tanemon is the Wanyamon for the Green Deck fans. Whenever you play a green tamer from your hand, you may draw a card from your deck, and that can happen once each turn you have it in play. This not only gives you more chances to pull something better out of your deck, but also more opportunities to draw cards that work together against your opponent.

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However, Tanemon only works for each green tamer that is put into play and not for every turn with the same tamer, so rest assured that you have a nice selection of tamers to go with that Digi-Egg, and if you’re lucky, card too , which you draw, will be the next tamer keeping the streak going.

3 Tokomon

BT11 Tokomon DigiEgg Digimon dimension phase

Tokomon offers a bit more than just color-based in-hand perks, allowing for better customization of the perks across your entire deck. If you played Tokomon, you can draw a new card from your deck each turn you play a Digimon with the Angel, Archangel, or even Fallen Angel trait.

Not only does this allow for more universal use, but it also increases its meaning to you and your gameplay with any Angel-type Digimon you have in your deck. With that in mind, you can build your deck around Fishing traits for maximum benefit.

2 coromon

BT11 Koromon DigiEgg Digimon Dimensional Phase

Koromon, unlike the other Digi-Eggs, works for you during your opponent’s turns. Whenever they have erased a card with Greymon in its name, you may draw a card from your deck. You can use this once per spin, but it’s still your win for your loss. This can be tricky since there’s no way of knowing for sure what your opponent has in their deck let alone what they have in hand, but there are enough Digimon named Greymon to be reasonably sure that Koromon can help you .

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Since Koromon has continuous benefits, how effectively you play the rest of your Digimon against your opponent will determine the Digi-Egg’s impact on your hand and overall gameplay. That means you know how you built your deck and you know you came for the win every time.

1 Tsunomon

BT11 Tsunomon DigiEgg Digimon Dimension Phase

Tsunomon is the only Digi-Egg in this booster pack that adds DP at all, and this only activates when you’ve had an effect that destroys one of the Digimon in your hand. Once this is done, either by an opponent’s card or your own, the Digimon gains 1,000 DP for the duration of the turn.

As with the other Digi-Eggs, your deck and gameplay will determine how effective and useful Tsunomon is for you, but if you keep this effect in mind when building your deck, you can really take advantage of the extra DP that comes with it – especially if you have a mostly low DP Digimon in play when the effect triggers.

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