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The best Black Friday laptop deals: what to expect

Joel Loynds

Released: 2022-09-23T17:02:41

updated: 2022-09-23T17:03:02

Planning on getting a laptop this holiday? We’ve got our eyes on the best deals this Black Friday, so here’s what to expect.

Getting a new laptop for the holidays seems almost a tradition for some. Grab a good deal, hopefully you get something that doesn’t implode in your two years. It’s basically a part of nature at some point.

Aside from our best laptop deals, cheap laptop guide and best gaming laptops overall, what do we recommend for 2022? Maybe you’re going back to college and need something cheap?

Well, we’ve got the list for you – later in November. Here’s what to expect from Black Friday in terms of laptops.

Black Friday deals on gaming laptops

Razer Blade 15Dexerto

There are so many gaming laptops out there these days that you can absolutely bet almost every store on the planet will drop the prices. As we’ve seen year to date, gaming laptops hit around $1000 when they’re at their lowest. Some budget options that include a 3050 Ti and likely a last-gen Intel i5 or AMD chip are still incredibly decent choices.

Don’t expect a Blade 15 to drop in price too much, however, as the $3200 price point will hit $2800 at most. Asus, Acer and MSI? We fully anticipate deeper discounts in this regard, with some even dropping below $1000 on just one random weekend.

Other brands we’ll review before deciding to include them, but for Black Friday you can expect many RTX 3050 Ti-enabled laptops to slash their prices to Bands.

The best school and college laptops on sale

Education is a top priority when it comes to Black Friday laptops. The need for a new machine may not have arisen until you return home for the holiday season. So don’t worry if you didn’t follow any of our advice in our original article, because this is your second chance at salvation.

When choosing something for back to school, you want something that will last throughout college, university, or high school. The thing is, a mid-year or mid-year switch can be a hassle, and you definitely don’t want to risk losing your work due to a faulty machine.

Black Friday deals for Chromebook laptops

With the advancement of streaming games, Android apps being introduced into the operating system, and more, Chromebooks have gotten pretty decent. While we’d probably recommend something like the recently announced Framework Chromebook Edition, we can’t expect something this new and niche to hit stores any time soon.

However, Asus, Google and Acer should all likely get massive discounts as the budget laptops will no doubt go on sale on Black Friday. As for other brands like HP, expect those as well, but we’ll be sure to pick the best of the bunch rather than the $199 nightmares you might end up with.

Macbook Black Friday Deals

13 inch macbook proApple

The trusty Macbook, one of our favorites to recommend in 2022 as the last iterations since the M1 chip arrived on our doorstep are all recommendable. As the M2 slowly rolls out into 2023, we fully expect the M1 versions of the MacBook Air and Pro to get some pretty good discounts.

The M2 Pro and M2 Max are both expected to launch later this year, so the $200-$400 we’ve been seeing for the 14-inch MacBook Pros and 16-inch variants should be a lot more common, when we get to Black Friday. On Black Friday itself, it’s probably best to keep an eye on Amazon, Best Buy, and B&H for your MacBook needs, as these are three places we’ve routinely slashed Apple laptop prices since the beginning of the year.

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