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The best and highest paying jobs in Bloxburg

Bloxburg is a Roblox game that allows you to create an incredible home, drive cool cars, spend time with friends, go to work and participate in role-playing games. There are many opportunities in Welcome to Bloxburg, but jobs are the primary means of support. The amount of money each job earns players varies and they are paid each time they complete a mission. After completing a variety of missions, the player will level up and receive a salary increase for each mission.

The best and highest paying jobs in Bloxburg

In this article we list the best jobs in Bloxburg.

The highest paying jobs in Bloxburg

Every job in Roblox Welcome to Bloxburg earns you an income. Despite the fact that all jobs paid the same, some offer opportunities to make more money.

The fisherman

Fishing in Welcome to Bloxburg is an enjoyable and peaceful activity, especially with the shore, Ferris wheel and ice cream parlor nearby. You start out in a shed with a fishing rod of a random color. Head to the shore to fish and cast out your line. Your bobber, that’s the white ball at the end of the line, will dangle in the water.

Press the spacebar to reel in your line and catch a fish when the bobber goes underwater. You won’t catch a fish or make any money if you pull in your line too early or before something bites. Be patient and let the fish come to you.

You can keep a positive attitude while fishing by eating ice cream at the ice cream parlor, riding the neighboring Ferris wheel, and taking a break to fish. The only thing you can’t get away from in the region is hygiene. Hygiene is a mood that reflects how clean you are. Since this area is dirty, it affects your hygiene mood. You can improve your hygiene by showering, bathing and more.

Fishing pays $13 without the Excellent Employee gamepass at tier 1 and $44 with it.

the miner

Mining in Bloxburg Cave is identical to mining in Mining Simulator, another Roblox game. You tap blocks in the mine, and then your player smashes them with an ax until the block is destroyed. Depending on the type of block your player mined, you will either get more or less money and experience points.

TNT blocks could be mined, but the bedrock and perimeter walls could not. A TNT block will hiss when you try to mine it, giving you time to escape before it explodes and obliterates every other block in a two block radius. Take cover when you’re near the TNT, as you could really face death if it explodes.

If you want to continue digging or remove a lot of soil at once, TNT can help. It’s also economically efficient, as you can still gain money and experience from TNT for all the blocks it blasts apart.

Earnings from mining at level 1 are $7 per block without a game pass and $15 per block with it. Both may seem like a low rate. But some block types increase your earnings, like amethyst, emerald, and gold.

The mechanic

While employed as mechanics at Mike’s Motors, customers bring their cars in for an oil change, paint job, or tire change. On the left table in the back there are four paint sprayers in red, black, green and purple that can be used to change the color of the car. Pick up an oil can from the appropriate table to change the oil.

When consumers request a tire change, a breakdown may occur. Sometimes they request a different type of tire and if you fit the tire you want, they won’t take your order. They will only accept and pay you if you give them the tires they already have. Before you click Done, don’t forget to replace both tires.

The starting pay for this non-Gamepass position is $13, making the starting pay $28 per car.

The horse stick

At Bloxburg Fresh Food you will be responsible for retrieving crates from storage and replenishing shelves where supplies are running low. Any shelf can hold any crate. Simply reload the shelf to instantly refill it. The work is straightforward, pays well, and unlike most jobs in the game, doesn’t require you to speak to clients. Due to the high rates and no need to commute around the city, this occupation is the most effective way to earn money at a high level.

At Tier 1, earnings per shelf start at $15 without a game pass, increasing to $21.

The Delivery Man

Pizza Planet delivery is a pleasant job. You get a bright red scooter that you can use to drive around the map and deliver pizzas to people standing by the side of the road. Get your pizzas from the back production line of the store, hop on your scooter and navigate towards the customer in the direction of the yellow pointer.

One of the highest paying jobs in Welcome to Bloxburg is delivering pizza. It pays more as you level up, awarding twice as many promotion points for each successful delivery as the other jobs, so you get paid more per job. The negative side is the driving distance required. It’s random, so you might have to travel across town just to deliver a pizza.

To prevent players from resetting the shift to get a closer delivery location, profits for the first three deliveries in a shift will be reduced. For Tier 1 workers, wages per delivery are $25 for average workers and up to $44 with Gamepass.

Excellent Employee Game Pass: What is it?

Excellent Employee is a Game Pass feature that allows users to improve the amount of money they receive by improving how quickly they can level up. The Excellent Employee Gamepass is available for $300. When the user reaches level 50, they will earn the same amount as if they didn’t have that game pass.

This game pass is beneficial for users who want to earn money by working faster. Excellent Employee works for all vacancies in Welcome to Bloxburg and pays players 25% more than they would normally receive.

The same awards will be given to Excellent Employee players as to non-Gamepass players.

Consider a career change in Bloxburg

If you’ve been playing Bloxburg but are slow to earn and progress, it might be time to make a career change. So why not consider some of the jobs on this list of the best positions in Bloxburg? If you’re impatient, you might even consider purchasing the Excellent Employee game pass.

Have you ever changed jobs in Bloxburg? What do you think are the best jobs in the game? Let us know in the comments section below.

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