The Arizona Cardinals are under pressure to hire Sean Payton

The loss could very well last for the Arizona Cardinals if Michael Bidwill doesn’t come to terms with Sean Payton.

Whether he realizes it or not, Arizona Cardinals owner Michael Bidwill has been backed into a corner. The search for a new head coach continues, but only one viable candidate remains. At this point, it’s either Sean Payton or bankruptcy for a franchise that has never hoisted the Vince Lombardi Trophy.

In the past few days, two of Arizona’s top performers have been dropped from the running. Dan Quinn has once again decided his job as defensive coordinator for the Dallas Cowboys is his best option right now. Last Thursday, Frank Reich became the first head coach of the offseason when he accepted an offer from the Carolina Panthers.

Brian Flores is certainly the most accomplished of the individuals left when you take Payton out of the mix. As headman of the Miami Dolphins, the defensive-minded coach was impressive in leading the talented roster to two successful campaigns. The Dolphins went 10-6 under Flores in 2020 and went 9-8 with him at the top in 2021.

Arizona Cardinals options are dwindling without Sean Payton

However, there are a few red flags when it comes to setting Flores for the maps. According to former NFL manager Mike Lombardi, the strict Taskmaster reportedly told Miami quarterback Tua Tagovailoa:

“If I had known you were going to be this bad, I would have picked (Patriots signal caller) Mac Jones.” – via Mass Live

If Flores were with the Dolphins passer, how exactly would he handle Redbirds QB Kyler Murray’s unwanted body language and questionable study habits?

There’s also a tiny nugget that many observers have ignored. Coincidentally, the Cardinals are one of the teams mentioned in the antidiscrimination lawsuit Flores filed against the league back in February 2022. Why on earth would these two parties even consider the possibility of working with these types of teams? indictment hanging out there for the world to see?

The quality of the remaining candidates decreases enormously when you take away Payton and Flores. Detroit Lions defensive coordinator Aaron Glenn has managed one of the worst units in pro football for the past two seasons and probably doesn’t even deserve a promotion. Ejiro Evero has done well with a strong Denver Broncos defense, but does Arizona really want to cede such an important position to a man who was a puny campaign coordinator?

Simply put, the cards have to convince Payton to come to the desert. If you examine it closely, there are no other options. Any future success for the franchise hinges heavily on Bidwill’s ability to get Payton to sign on the dotted line sometime in the next few days.

Article source: Brian Flores told Tua Tagovailoa he should have picked Patriots QB Mac Jones instead, according to Chris Mason’s Michael Lombardi

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