The 5 Worst Netflix Horror Movies

Netflix has released some of the most compelling and entertaining programs in recent years. From hit shows like stranger things, WednesdayAnd midnight fair, there was definitely no lack of series to look forward to. But while the streaming service also releases several original films each year, some of Netflix’s horror movies aren’t quite as scary or exciting as other movies in the genre.

From slashers that don’t tell fresh and compelling stories to a movie that doesn’t live up to its gripping plot, there are several Netflix horror movies that have been poorly received.


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The Open House (2018)

Dylan Minnette as Logan in Open House.

Netflix horror movie 2018 The open house has a vague history and never really gets going. Logan Wallace (Dylan Minnette) and his mother Naomi (Piercey Dalton) live in a country house and are being followed by someone. But the audience never finds out who it is or why the killer is after them. Instead of telling a scary and funny story, The open house is boring and confusing.

Instead of a satisfying horror movie ending, the film ends with Logan freezing to death and the killer going to another open house, suggesting he does this often. But that’s not enough explanation for the answer. Dave Franco’s directorial debut The rent is equal parts intelligent relationship drama and equal parts chilling slasher about a man who spies on people who live in vacation homes. In contrast, The open house doesn’t have enough to do.

The Perfection (2019)

Perfection Netflix

While Alison Williams does a fine job as the roboticist Gemma in the hilarious campy horror film M3GANShe also starred in the 2019 Netflix horror film The perfection that’s not much fun. The perfection has a plot twist midway through that changes the story, but that’s the most compelling part of the movie. Otherwise, the main characters aren’t very likeable or original, and the dark and serious subject matter isn’t handled as sensitively as it could be.

Compared to the best horror movie twists, this one is ruined by poor character development. It’s easy to wish the film had spent more time allowing viewers to get to know Lizzie Wells (Logan Browning) and Charlotte Willmore (Williams) rather than focusing on the flashy twist.

In the Tall Grass (2019)

In the tall grass featured image

Unlike underrated Stephen King adaptations In the tall grass is pretty boring. Based on the 2012 novel by King and his son Joe Hill, the story follows Cal DeMuth (Avery Whitted) and his pregnant sister Becky (Laysla De Oliveira) as they stumble upon a field while on a road trip. The story doesn’t make any sense from the start as it doesn’t seem like they want to stop. But instead of ignoring the first signs of trouble and continuing on their way, the characters go deeper and deeper into the grass and discover a magical world from which they may not escape.

Instead of a memorable villain, Patrick Wilson’s character, Ross Humboldt, is underwhelming and viewers will wish the story was more fast-paced. Sometimes Stephen King’s adaptations fail to capture the magic of his words, and while the weed looks spooky in print, it looks silly on screen.

There’s Someone in Your House (2021)

Zach Sanford in There's Someone Inside Your House

There is someone in your house joins several lackluster teen horror films with boring villains whose motives make no sense or are just downright cheesy. Based on the 2017 young adult novel by Stephanie Perkins, the film changes the killer. This time around, Zach Sanford (Dale Whibley) hates his roommates’ unhappiness with his father’s corruption and decides getting revenge on them is the best idea.

With Zach divulging the secrets of the people he wants to murder and then causing them to die, it’s hard not to wish for a different villain with a different motivation. Zach is one of the most unforgettable slasher movie killers and the main characters flow into each other. They don’t stand out from other teenagers in scary movies either.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2022)

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

You can say that the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre is a horror film that didn’t need a sequel, and the 2022 Netflix reboot didn’t impress fans too much. Instead of telling a fresh, exciting story about Leatherface chasing new characters, the legendary villain doesn’t seem as scary as before. The film tries to talk about themes of gentrification and youth as Lila (Elsie Fisher) is a photographer and travels around Harlow, Texas with her friends to bring the small town back to life. But ultimately, horror fans looking for another spooky entry in the slasher franchise will be disappointed.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre misses the point of the original and its memorable but disturbing ending is extremely grim. While a brutal ending is often expected in the horror genre, there’s something particularly hard about this one, especially as Lila and her sister Melody (Sarah Yarkin) are genuinely cute and likable characters. This is definitely a reboot that missed the mark.

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